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Measuring School Climate

Lower risk of poor grades, suspension, and absences were associated with higher perceptions of school safety, according to the latest ACT research. 

Your High School Profile Report

Gain essential insights about students’ needs, interests, backgrounds, and abilities plus how to put these findings to use with the ACT High School Profile Report.

Improving School Climate by Involving Family and Community

Two-way communication with families is one way to address school climate and safety the effect it has on students.

Improving School Climate by Building Faculty Trust and Collaboration

Throughout the school year, take actions to make faculty feel supported, valued, and included in decision-making.

Improving School Climate by Focusing on Equity

When students feel a bias against them it creates inequity and unsafe feelings. Increase equity to support a positive school climate.

“X Factor” for College Readiness: Economic and Cultural Makeup of Student Body

Disadvantaged schools have lower perceptions of safety, which is a major factor in school climate.

Improving School Climate by Revisiting Student Discipline

You are teaching a student something every time they’re disciplined. We need to restore discipline as instruction, first and foremost.

Improving School Climate by Tapping Student Voice & Leadership

Make students part of the process so they feel heard and respected. Ask them to be involved in the positive change you want to see.


Helping Underserved Students "Aim Higher"

Lifting barriers by holding students to higher standards.

School Safety and Climate Webinar

How to measure and address the factors related to school climate and safety and the effect it has on students.

ACAC and Reach Higher – College Signing Day

Watch this webinar to learn how to host and support a College Signing Day in your school or community.

Introduction to New College-Going Guidebook for Native American Students

Join the American Indian College Fund and ACT’s Center for Equity in Learning for this webinar.


ACT Holistic Framework
Ask the Expert: How Can Educators Use the Holistic Framework?