College and Career Readiness Day

Engage All to Increase Student Success

Create a College and Career Readiness Day at Your School!

Academic skills. Career-minded goals. Positive mindset. These attributes blend to give your students a clear picture of their future readiness. But how do students learn to make their goals a reality? Whatever path they take, they must understand: 

  • The skills they’ve acquired so far 
  • How to apply what they’ve learned 
  • What they must do to build on that knowledge to prepare for the future 

Download the 2024 webinar recording to learn why and how to plan a robust day designed to promote a college- and career-ready culture.

Building a College and Career Readiness Day for YOUR School

Building a College and Career Readiness Day for your school includes activities that help each student understand what “readiness” means and how they can achieve it. It also helps create a future-focused culture among students, educators, and community stakeholders. ACT will help you imagine an event that will engage students’ thinking about their futures and unite communities. 

Dr. Ryan Luhning discusses the importance and impact of creating an ACT District Testing College and Career Readiness Day (CCR Day).

Learn About the 4 “C”s to Remember When Planning Your Event

Among other tips, you'll learn more about the building blocks of a successful College and Career Readiness Day. We'll explore the 4 "C"s that will help keep you grounded in your purpose and goals for your event.


Create a day of activities surrounding your planned assessments that shows your school’s dedication to readiness for all students. 


Make promoting student readiness the lifeblood that surges through every activity and communication. Involve stakeholders at the district and school levels,  parents and guardians, and even community members. 


Address each student early and holistically. Assess social and emotional skills, academic achievement, and workforce interest while offering proof of college readiness and career readiness credentials.

Chance (and Opportunity)

Use data insights to help your students understand what they need to accomplish to achieve their dreams. Create an ongoing cycle of improvement to set the stage for deeper understanding of readiness and recognize their milestones toward success.