“X Factor” for College Readiness


“X Factor” for College Readiness: Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

High school coursework and good grades play a significant role in student readiness for college, but they certainly aren’t the only factors. Other student and school characteristics can affect preparedness, including Social and Emotional Learning (SEL).

A growing number of research studies—including ACT’s own research—have confirmed that SEL skills, sometimes known as behavioral or noncognitive skills, strongly predict academic achievement, career success, and lifelong well-being. In addition, there’s evidence that some SEL skills are easier to strengthen than cognitive ones, and these strengthened skills may last longer. Yet since many students are not assessed on these skills in a reliable and valid way, parents and teachers have little information on which to base interventions that can be used to help students succeed.

ACT is solving this problem with Mosaic™ by ACT Social and Emotional Learning—a solution that supports student self-knowledge, growth, and continuous improvement. Included with the assessment is a Teacher Playbook filled with activities that can be incorporated into a SEL program.

Learn more in one of our latest eBooks, The “X Factors” of College Readiness. Other “X Factors” in the eBook include:

  • Student Motivation and Goals
  • Parent Involvement
  • Social Engagement
  • Perceptions of Education
  • Economic and Cultural Makeup of Student Body

By paying close attention to these “X Factors,” your school can help students become more ready for college, and set them up for a lifetime of success.