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Stand Up for Student Success

By breaking down barriers to access, ACT® District Testing improves your measures of success and raises student awareness—from test scores to college enrollment rates.

Open Doors for Your Students!

Taking the ACT test can help students open doors to their dream school. Plus, the ACT offers students the opportunity to be identified and recruited by colleges. Learn more about the impact ACT District Testing can make at your school or district. 

The Path to College and Career Success Starts Early

Success doesn’t happen in a year. It happens year after year. That’s why ACT offers a continuum of sequential assessments that prepares your students for a lifetime of success—in college and beyond. The tests in the ACT Assessment System have a common score scale, making it easy to track performance across tests, measure growth, and identify areas where students need work.  

Get the Data You Need

ACT District Testing benefits your students and educators by empowering your school to make informed curriculum decisions. Monitor progress with ACT Online Reporting, a FREE interactive platform for schools who leverage the ACT District Testing Program for data analysis. 

Data Your Way

Download reports into several formats with single or batch options. Save queries for easy retrieval later. 

Even More Data

Data tools empower you to dig deeper into current and historical statistical data that include:

  • Summary statistics
  • Frequencies
  • Cross-tabs
  • Scatterplots

Self Service Data

  • Create customized reports and save online.
  • Drill down on data at a school or student level.
  • View aggregate reports for the entire student body and quickly identify student groups that meet benchmarks. 

Monitor Usage

Easily view who is utilizing the online reporting system through user activity and activity summaries. 

On-Demand Webinar: District Testing 101

Get Started with District Testing

In this free webinar, we show you how district testing benefits your school and students. By creating a college-going culture with district testing, you can help students realize they have the skills to perform college-level coursework and give your district the information it needs to get them there.

Dr. Takeda LeGrand, Superintendent of Schools at Scotland County Schools, on Curriculum and Outcomes

Dr. Takeda LeGrand discusses how aligning curriculum with assessment provides the foundation for student success and college readiness.

Dr. Takeda LeGrand discusses the importance of measurement with ACT District Testing and the value of how that informs curriculum alignment.

What Principals are Saying About ACT District Testing

How principals are using the ACT to improve and track students' readiness for college and career.

"One of the reasons I don't pay much attention to SAT is I don't know what their scores mean. The thing I like about ACT: At our school, we don't focus a lot on scores - we focus a lot more on benchmarks because we can tell what that means."

-Alan Schotts, Career Center Coordinator
Cody High School, Cody, Wyoming

"The ACT is a good baseline for us to help with remediation and scheduling for students. ACT is easy to administer, and students understand the data very easily."

-Principal, Kentucky

Read more about the success our customers are experiencing with the program and the remarkable results it helped schools and students achieve.

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