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General Information


The Condition of College and Career Readiness

Research Publication 2018

This report looks at the progress of the ACT®-tested 2018 US high school graduating class relative to college and career readiness. The data in this report are based on more than 1.9 million graduates—55% of the students in the 2018 national graduating class—who took the ACT at some time from grade 10 to 12. The ACT was taken by the majority of 2018 graduates in 28 US states. In 19 of those states, the ACT was taken by all or virtually all graduates, typically as part of a state-funded assessment program.

Download a copy of The Condition of College and Career Readiness Report (PDF).



Getting Registered


Preparing for Test Day


ACT Online Prep


Using Results

There is a lot of information provided in the ACT score report. The links below provide useful information to gain a deeper understanding of data to help students use their ACT score report to focus on their next steps and plan for their future after high school. 




Sample Score Reports


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