Professional Development for Teachers

Choose ACT as Your Trusted Advisor

With decades of combined classroom, school and district service, ACT Professional Services team members will support you to meet your needs.

We’ll collaborate with you to implement proven approaches, including: aligning of the written, tested, and taught curriculum; building staff capacity with professional learning that meets nationally recognized standards; providing research-based instructional resources; and strategic planning using data analysis and visualizations.


Services for K12 Districts and Schools

Districts, schools, and education organizations seeking professional development and instructional planning guidance now have a go-to partner with whom to collaborate. Let's explore how best to approach your needs with our wide array of services and delivery models.

Professional Development Workshops and Courses

Improve student outcomes by deepening staff knowledge and skills in a host of critical content and pedagogies. Our professional development workshops for teachers center on providing research-based strategies that can be applied immediately. And the activities and resources we’ll provide model the interactive, hands-on, minds-on activities needed to fully engage your students.


Professional Development Planning

With limited time and funding for building staff capacity and the importance of on-going professional growth for knowledge workers, its critical to plan professional development carefully. We help by translating systemic priorities into actionable professional development plans.


Systemic Assessment Plans

In our data-driven world, assessments abound.  How can one be sure all the data needed is available, while limiting testing time? By gathering and analyzing your current assessment inventory and requisite data, we help you by developing a refined and efficient systemic assessment plan.


School Improvement Plans

Research clearly shows that schools with plans where all personnel share an explicit set of measurable goals, well-stated tactics designed to achieve these goals, and regular and reliable means to monitor execution of the tactics are best able to increase student achievement. Our team of planning experts are available to help you design, develop, and monitor your school improvement plans for working towards increasing student outcomes and eliminating achievement gaps.

Explore the Collection of Courses for Assessment, Test Prep, SEL, and Adaptive Learning

College and Career Readiness

The ACT® and PreACT® are your first steps toward building college and career readiness for your students. Our test package gives educators a comprehensive set of tools for deepening knowledge and equipping educators to empower students.

Social and Emotional Learning

Mosaicby ACT® Social Emotional Learning gives educators essential social and emotional learning tools that help students and school climate thrive and align to Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) standards.

ACT Test Prep

ACT® Online Prep™ can help your educators support student mastery of core content for college and career readiness in English, reading, mathematics, and science. It also serves as an independent learning tool, a base for tutoring and/or test prep services, or as a key resource in helping students acquire mastery of core content. 

ACT Instructional Mastery

Expert Advice and Excellent Resources for Preparing Your Students

Provide your educators with formalized training in a holistic understanding of the ACT test. 

Credentialing and Career Development

Let’s work together to maintain your competitive edge.

Today, it’s absolutely essential to develop, implement, and evaluate credentials that reflect contemporary practice in a valid and reliable manner. With decades of experience designing and enhancing licensure, certification, training, professional development and workforce development programs for organizations and clients across the full spectrum of industries and professions, you’ll be in good company.

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