ACT Instructional Mastery

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ACT Instructional Mastery is valuable training that provides certificates and digital badges that document instructional mastery qualification.

Benefits for Educational Organizations

  • Teaching Strategies
    These courses provide educators with teaching strategies that can be integrated immediately into regular classroom instruction.
  • Holistic, Research-Based Approach
    Participants gain a better understanding of the core ACT tests, the research behind them, and what is assessed. A deep understanding enables educators to enhance instruction that can improve students' college readiness, and their post-high school life.
  • Professional Development
    ACT training may be used toward continuing education requirements. Having an ACT trained staff is a positive reflection on the school/district that supports its educators in these endeavors.
  • Enhanced ACT Prep Course Instruction
    Schools that provide ACT prep classes can better prepare their teachers through the ACT Instructional Mastery program.
  • In-House Test Prep Talent Pool
    Schools that currently outsource test prep programs can bring them in-house with significant savings potential.

How do you earn badges?

All participants who complete the 2-day program will earn a certificate of completion. All participants who complete the 2-day program and pass a 30-question end of course Knowledge Check will earn a certificate and digital badge of ACT Instructional Mastery in the subject area. Digital badges will be issued via Credly.

What Participants are Saying About the Program

"We are offering our second round of courses this year and plan to continue the practice in the future. Ultimately, our students were more successful on the ACT providing them with greater future opportunities which is what it is all about.”

– Chasity Riddick, Director of Communications, on behalf of Baldwin County Public Schools 

"I will really be able to take this information back to my classroom and help my students get higher scores on the ACT. This means more money for my students concerning college scholarships, and it means I'm setting my students up for future successes.”

– Ashley Burton, grade 10 teacher, Baldwin County Public Schools 

"I have been teaching ACT Prep for over 10 years and I learned strategies and connections that I have never noticed before. The information I learned in two days will add at least 7-8 more correct answers for my students on ACT Math portion."

– Becky Smith, grades 11-12 teacher, Baldwin County Public Schools 

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