ACT Instructional Mastery FAQs

What is ACT Instructional Mastery?

ACT Instructional Mastery provides expert advice and excellent resources from a trusted source for educators seeking to better support their students’ preparation of the ACT test. ACT Instructional Mastery workshops are available as an in-person event or as an online event.  

Is ACT Instructional Mastery available online?

ACT Instructional Mastery is available as a virtual (online) delivery, offering engaging and high-quality instruction in a setting convenient for educators to participate in from their home, school, or office.

What benefits does ACT Instructional Mastery training provide for educational organizations?

Through ACT Instructional Mastery, participants gain a better understanding of the ACT test and evidence-based ways to improve instruction of ACT preparation, with the goal of helping students to improve their ACT scores and their college readiness. ACT Instructional Mastery also helps participants to provide quality ACT test preparation for all students, including those who are unable to pay for private tutors. Completion of this training enhances the potential to elevate the ACT scores that may be used to evaluate or monitor progress for schools/districts.

Who can take the courses?

  • K-12 educators may sign up for the courses.
  • A school, district or other group may opt to hold private events for educators of their choosing.

Where do I sign up?

Please visit

What payment methods are allowed?

POs (purchase orders) are not allowed for those who participate in national events, open to the public. For private (business-to-business) participants, a contract is required. A group code is utilized and an invoice is generated.

Is there a discount for registering for more than one course?

There is no discount for registering for more than one course. 


What are badges?

All participants who complete the 2-day program and pass a 30-question end of course Knowledge Check will earn a certificate and digital badge of ACT Instructional Mastery in the subject area. Digital badges will be issued via Credly.