ACT Online Reporting

A FREE interactive platform for PreACT Assessments, the national ACT Test and ACT District Testing Program data analysis.

PreACT Assessment Data

Data coming soon!

ACT National Test Data

All data available now!

ACT District Testing Program Data

Profile reports available based on contract. All other data available now!

Improvement Strategies Get Easier

Schools and districts will have a better reporting option. Our centralized online reporting platform improves classroom success by providing greater insights and easier predictions of academic performance.


What You Can Expect

Data Your Way

Download reports into several formats with single or batch options. Save queries for easy retrieval later.

More Data

Data tools allow the user to dig deeper into current and historical statistical data that include:

  • Summary statistics
  • Frequencies
  • Cross-tabs
  • Scatterplots

Self-Service Data Exploration

  • Create customized reports and save online. 
  • Drill down on data at a school or student level. 
  • View aggregate reports for the entire student body and quickly identify student groups that meet benchmarks.

Monitor Report Use

Easily view who is utilizing the online reporting system through user activity and activity summaries.