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PreACT® offers sophomores an early experience with ACT test items, provides a predicted ACT test score, and offers a wealth of information to help students get the start they need to be college ready. 

Anchored on the ACT college and career readiness standards, PreACT helps educators, students, and parents, identify areas of academic strength and opportunity. Students may opt to have their information shared with colleges and scholarship agencies when they take PreACT, providing greater opportunities for recruitment and scholarship awards.  

Following the interruption of schooling due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, schools may not have been able to offer a spring 2020 administration. Going into the 2020-2021 academic year, standard-based measures of student achievement are needed more than ever. Because learning gains (or losses) during the shutdown period are expected to vary considerably student-to-student, measures of student achievement are particularly important heading into 2020-2021. Fall test scores reflect the net impact of learning that occurred through 2019-2020, summer learning loss and additional loss caused by the school shutdowns, and any positive effects of shutdown mitigation efforts (such as online learning or starting school early in the fall). 

One ACT Solution Builds on the Next

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Key Benefits of PreACT

  • Early practice for the ACT test with flexible test administration dates – test on your schedule 
  • PreACT score and predicted ACT score ranges align to the ACT 1–36 scale 
  • Students may opt to share their information with colleges and scholarship agencies 
  • ACT Interest Inventory results provide students with a personalized view of interests with college and career alignment 
  • Valuable results provide actionable insights to help educators, parents and students make important decisions for the future 
  • Rapid reporting turnaround within 2-4 weeks of receipt of answer documents allows for early and effective planning to ensure students can attain the future and career success they envision 
  • Educators can implement a personalized blended learning environment with free ACT Academy, a standards-aligned resource library.
  • Students can access ACT® Academy™, a free online learning tool and test prep program designed to help students get the best score possible on the ACT test.

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Benefits of PreACT: What Does the Evidence Say?

The evidence reveals 5 benefits of schools providing the PreACT® to students.

Examining Effects of PreACT Adopton

The PreACT test is a multiple choice test that provides students with practice for the ACT test and measures of progress towards college readiness.

Declan FitzPatrick
Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Fox C–6 School District
St. Louis, Missouri

Connecting Student Growth: Elementary to High School

The Fox C–6 School District, near St. Louis, Missouri, has put together a comprehensive assessment plan using ACT solutions that has limited their impact on instructional time and aligned data from grade 3 through high school.

“If we really care about kids, what we want are better results on the tests that are going to get them into college and college scholarships. When we say we value the ACT results and we’re going to take assessments once a year to find out where your kids are moving towards that college and career readiness benchmark, parents say that’s a value they can get behind.”

—Declan FitzPatrick, Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Fox C–6 School District, St. Louis, Missouri

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Getting Started with PreACT

2020-2021 Pricing Agreement Deadline Testing Window
$14.00 Per Student Enroll now to lock in plans for school year 2020-21 Flexible administration: Schools choose when to test September 1, 2020 - June 1, 2021

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