PreACT 8/9 is most appropriate for 8th or 9th grade students. PreACT is most appropriate for 9th or 10th grade students.

State, District, and School customers, Educational Agencies, and Gifted and Talented programs can order PreACT 8/9.

PreACT 8/9 and PreACT are available in paper and pencil test mode.

Test Structure

Yes, PreACT 8/9 and PreACT align to the same 1-36 ACT score scale, with 30 being the highest possible PreACT 8/9 score and 35 being the highest possible PreACT score.

Yes, PreACT and PreACT 8/9 both cover English, math, reading and science. The test duration is slightly shorter (2 hours, 10 min.) than the ACT with slightly fewer items in some subject areas. 

Items per Content Area:

  PreACT PreACT 8/9
English 45 40
Math 36 35
Reading 25 25
Science 30 30


PreACT 8/9 and PreACT are ordered through ACT’s College and Career Readiness Information System (CCRIS). Orders for enrollment can be found here

PreACT 8/9 and PreACT materials are available for order beginning in May. PreACT 8/9 and the PreACT testing window is September - June.


The following reports will be provided:

  • Individual Student Reports
  • Educator Report
  • Item Response Analysis, Student List Report, Early Intervention Roster, and Data Files

PreACT 8/9 and PreACT reports will be provided in paper format. The data files will available in the online reporting tool.

Yes, customers may retain the test booklet for use with the Item Response portion of the reports.

PreACT 8/9 Student Reports will include predicted PreACT score ranges (along with predicted ACT score ranges) and a new Indicator of Progress toward the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC).

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