PreACT Secure School and District Testing

PreACT Secure: Spring Administration

Tips for Success

  1. Use the training content in ACT Now to access test administration resources and walk-through test administration preparation activities.
  2. Dates and deadlines for your test administration are found in the Important Dates section of this website.
  3. Watch for emails from ACT with important reminders. Add our email address to your contacts to prevent emails from going to spam/junk folders. Exempt list email addresses from and

Important Dates

  • ACT Now and TCM opens: August 5, 2025

Note: We recommend uploading students as early as possible but if you need to you can upload students, assign events, and add accommodations up to the day you test online.

  • Test Window: September 3, 2024 - May 30, 2025

Helpful Links

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Step 1: Pre-Administration

Learn about ACT Now

Set Up ACT Now

Invite or Manage Organizations in ACT Now:

Add Users with Roles to ACT Now:

Manage Your Students:

Manage Accommodations

Understand Accommodations:

Assign Accommodations:

Prepare Students for Testing with Accommodations:

Prepare for Testing 


  • Pre-Test PreACT Training (webinar) (coming soon)
  • Pre-Test PreACT Training (pdf) (coming soon)

Prepare Students for Testing


Step 2: Administration

Access ACT Now Policy Modules

Tip: All ACT Polices need to be thoroughly read and agreed to in TCM, accessed through ACT Now. If you are serving as your site's Test Coordinator and Room Supervisor, you only need to agree to the training modules for the Test Coordinator. The information found in the Room Supervisor modules are captured in the Test Coordinator Modules.

Test Coordinator Modules:

  • Test Coordinator Module: Policies (web content) (coming soon)
  • Test Coordinator Module: Test Facilities (web content) (coming soon)
  • Test Coordinator Module: Test Staff (web content) (coming soon)

Room Supervisor Modules:

  • Room Supervisor Module: Policies (web content) (coming soon)
  • Room Supervisor Module: Test Facilities (web content) (coming soon)
  • Room Supervisor Module: Test Staff (web content) (coming soon)

Set Up TCM

Administer Test 


  • Pre-Test Training (webinar) (coming soon)

Administer Test with Accommodations

Tip: If you're looking for resources, manuals, test forms, and other test administration resources, you'll find them in ACT Now and TCM training content. Look for a test day checklist, polices and tutorials, and much more!

Return Test Materials

  • Packing Materials for Return in a Box Infographic (coming soon)

Step 3: Post-Administration

Access Online Reporting

Understand Reports

  • PreACT Secure Interpretive Guide for Student and Aggregate Reports (pdf) (coming soon)

Help Students Access and Understand Reports