On-Campus Testing for the ACT 

An ACT On-Campus™ test is an alternative to the ACT® test that enables colleges to proctor and immediately self-score an ACT test form any day of the week, on their campus. Results of this unique offering can provide insight into a student’s achievement level. Scores can only be used at your campus, and testing is limited to students who are in the application process, have been admitted, or have enrolled at your institution.


  • Colleges—The ACT On-Campus testing program is only available to colleges that have an ACT college code with ACT.  
  • Students—ACT On-Campus Testing may be administered to students who are unable to take the ACT test on a regularly scheduled test date and: 1) are in the application process at your college, 2) have been admitted to your college, or 3) are enrolled at your college. Students who do not intend to attend your college should not take the ACT On-Campus Test on your campus. 


Test Dates

ACT On-Campus testing year runs November 1 through September 30.


  • Scores from your administration of an On-Campus test may only be used at your college and cannot be transferred by transcript or other means to any other institution or agency.
  • No Student Reports and no High School Reports are generated.
  • No Additional Score Reports will be generated to report scores to any other institution. 
  • ACT On-Campus scores are not scored by ACT and, therefore, are not official transferable scores like those provided by The ACT National Test.


  • ACT On-Campus Testing may not be delivered to individuals as a practice test.
  • You may not provide On-Campus testing to individuals who do not intend to attend your college.
  • ACT On-Campus Testing is restricted to on-campus administrations. Test booklets may not be transported from campus to campus or to any off-campus locations.
  • You must ensure an individual has not taken an ACT On-Campus test at your college or any other college within the last 60 days.


You will be invoiced for ACT On-Campus testing materials at the time of order for answer documents and test booklets. Unused secure test materials are non-refundable and must be returned to ACT at the end of each testing year


When completing your Order Form for ACT On-Campus Testing Materials:

  • Colleges are required to return old test materials before ordering new ones.
  • Carefully consider the scheduled test date and the quantities of materials needed.
  • Allow at least four weeks for the delivery of materials from the date the order is submitted.
  • Rush shipments are made at your institution’s expense.

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