Apprenticeship and Career Training Programs

Building a Future-Ready Workforce Begins with On-The-Job Learning

What better way to transfer knowledge and close skills gaps than through work-based learning? Open the door of opportunity and career exploration through a powerful combination of on-the-job learning, classroom instruction, and mentorship by offering work-based learning to the future workforce. 

The US Department of Labor defines an apprenticeship as “an industry-driven, high-quality career pathway where employers can develop and prepare their future workforce, and individuals can obtain paid work experience, classroom instruction, and a portable, nationally recognized credential.” 

The Opportunities for Apprenticeships Are Changing—And Here is What Experts Say

Reinvent what apprenticeship means—entering new industries that haven’t historically offered learn-and-earn experiences with the funding to support it.  

Webinar: The Evolution of Apprenticeship | Advancements and Policy for Work-Based Learning 

Apprenticeship in the United States continues to be an increasingly popular solution for closing skill gaps for workforce supply while better meeting ever-changing employer demand. ACT’s online apprenticeship event will present the latest advancements of apprenticeship by experts from ACT, Public Consulting Group (PCG) and the TechQuest Apprenticeship Program.

Recorded: April 27, 2022 
Duration: 75 minutes

Ready for Work Podcast: Next-Level Apprenticeship

Work-based or “on-the-job” learning through apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship programs benefits learners from all education and socioeconomic levels and puts them on a fast track to high-wage, nationally portable careers. 

In this podcast, we talk to postsecondary education and business leaders about the use of work-based learning programs at the community level and the personal and economic results that can be gained from creating such programs. 

Dr. John Wensveen, Vice Provost at Miami Dade College, shares a picture of success when it comes to growing and expanding apprenticeship programs. 

“What we’re trying to do is reinvent what apprenticeship actually means, knowing that it has traditional historic definitions… We’re now bringing new opportunities to communities so they can have career pathways that they previously didn’t know existed.” 

Charles Vaughn, USDOL Director, shares a picture of success when it comes to growing and expanding apprenticeship programs. 

“We’ve traditionally done construction trades, and now we’re moving into healthcare, IT, cyber security and medical. And so, it’s really growing in many different areas…Ten years ago, we had about 700 apprentices and about 500 programs. Now we have over 1,000 programs and 22,000 apprentices.”  

Leverage National Certifications in Apprenticeship Programs

Yield successful outcomes with an apprenticeship model that is industry specific and demonstrates a career pathway to students.


Discover how incorporating national certifications can boost your work-based learning program:

  • How to identify quality, stackable credentials and incorporate them into apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship programs
  • How to implement strategies that help individuals navigate the overwhelming number of credentials available 
  • How to align foundational skills development to work-based learning programs that can lead to industry-recognized credentials, exceptional retention rates, and successful employment 

Achieve Success with Apprenticeship Programs

When executed correctly, work-based learning enables students to achieve educational outcomes that align with employer requirements—bridging the gap between school and work.  

Cindy Hill, Principal Research Psychologist, explains how to develop or strengthen an apprenticeship program with ACT® WorkKeys® data and assessments. 

Tammy Green 
Director of Workforce & IT Innovation: 
Career Skills & Adult Education 
Metropolitan Community College 
Douglas County, NE 

What Our Customers Say about ACT Workforce Solutions 

“Integrating WorkKeys into our apprenticeship program ensures that students have the necessary skills for success on the job. WorkKeys provides a pathway for everyone through targeted training and remediation of essential competencies for successful employment. 
The system also benefits employers as it ensures career seekers have the fundamental skills necessary for successful completion of the apprenticeship program and assists educational programs with curriculum design. WorkKeys is a successful workforce solution for career seekers, employers, and educational programs.” 

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