Disaster Recovery: Thriving
Communities Amidst Challenges

Crisis Management…During Disasters and Beyond

One thing that disaster always brings is uncertainty. No one knows exactly what the job market will look like in the future, but we do know it will be different, and likely in very substantial ways.

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Adaptable Workforce: Preparing for the Unknown

The question at the core of crisis management is: how do you prepare for the unknown?

Workforce resiliency is key to any disaster recovery effort. It helps communities not only manage one crisis, but also get ready for all future challenges that come their way. We’ve compiled the industry’s best thinking, practices, and frameworks for crisis management and disaster preparation in one easy-to-use Toolkit.

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Disaster Recovery and Crisis Management: 
How Communities Recover––and Grow

Here are just a few examples of communities that came together in times of crisis. Each formed a plan that not only addressed the crisis at hand, but also pointed toward a better future.

Tornado Disaster Recovery

From Natural Disaster to Nation’s First Work-Ready Community: Joplin, Missouri

An EF5 tornado struck Joplin, Missouri in 2011, tracking eastward across the city in a lethal path that left 158 dead and more than one thousand injured. Read about key strategies the Citizens Advisory Recovery Team identified, and how pursuing ACT Work Ready Community certification status helped the community not only recover, but thrive.

Opioid Epidemic Crisis Management

A Systemic Look at Opioid Recovery in Northeast Tennessee

Communities in northeast Tennessee have been contending with the impact of prescription drug abuse in their region. First Tennessee Development District (FTDD) brought partners together to address the epidemic's impacts on newborns, seniors, and everyone in between. Listen to the ACT Ready for Work podcast to find out more about strategies the team put in place.

Economic Recession Workforce Recovery

The Great Recession and Credentialing for Displaced Workers in Ohio

The Great Recession deeply affected Ohio’s economy, causing many manufacturing plants to close. Workforce leaders used ACT® WorkKeys® assessments and the ACT National Career Readiness Certificate® (ACT NCRC®) to battle the impending job loss and close the skills gap. The plan led to an 80% placement success rate in new jobs or training and education programs. Read the report to find out more.

“Before the Covid-19 pandemic, workforce readiness was the signature challenge facing economic developers across the U.S.  If anything, the fast but uneven post-pandemic recovery will bring even greater challenges on the talent availability front. This new reality illustrates the value of the ACT Work-Ready Communities initiative and the underlying data that Work-Ready Communities provide to prospective employers. By furnishing business decision-makers with an apples-to-apples comparison across different labor markets that relies on fundamental, measurable workplace skills, ACT Work-Ready Communities is something every local economic development organization should look at adopting in their area.”

Christopher Chung, CEO
Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina

More Resources for Workforce Recovery

We’ve compiled a wealth of ACT resources to help you promote resiliency in your community. Whether it’s a podcast, newsletter, conference, or assessment solution you’re looking for, we’ve got it all!

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