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Taking Career Readiness to the Next Level

Proven Guidance: Unmatched Insight and Expertise

We leverage solid research, thoughtful strategy and decades of experience to help ensure that the Workforce programs you develop will help achieve your goals.

Strategic and Policy Planning

How will the credential support your organization’s mission? Is there demand for a credential? If so, what type of credential should it be? What unmet credentialing needs can your organization satisfy?

Ensuring Validity and Defensibility

Does your assessment accurately reflect practice? Can it survive a legal challenge?

Improving and Enhancing Established Programs

Whether you want to review a credentialing program to ensure that it’s on track or evaluate an opportunity to expand a program and take it to the next level, ACT® ProExam offers invaluable expertise and perspective.

Accreditation Guidance

Earning approval from a national or international accreditation body is a challenging process. When you’re seeking accreditation for licensure, certification or assessment-based certificate programs, ACT® ProExam will guide your efforts.

Practice Analysis

Firm Foundation for Examination Validity

ACT® ProExam is expert at guiding clients in the development of trusted and legally defensible credentialing programs tied to real-world requirements.


Before items can be written or exams created, a guiding connection is needed between the real world in which the credential will be used and test content.


ACT® ProExam works with recognized authorities in the Firm Foundation for Examination Validity field, carefully chosen to represent the diversity of practice and key stakeholder perspectives.


This description of practice is only the first step. The initial description is validated, following ACT® ProExam’s established – and at the same time, uniquely tailored – process.


ACT® ProExam uses the ratings from the validation survey to establish weightings for the specific components of the profile of practice.

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