6 Steps to Test Success

Achieving the Score You Want

Achieve the score you want by following these test prep tips.

  • Take challenging classes
  • Take a practice test
  • Schedule study time
  • Keep a positive attitude
  • Know yourself and your abilities
  • Consider using ACT test prep materials

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When it comes to preparing for the ACT test, there’s no single magic solution. 

There are several things you can do in the months leading up to the ACT that will help you achieve the score you want.

  • Take challenging classes. The best way to prepare for a college entrance exam is to take challenging courses in high school. The more challenging the class, the more prepared you’ll be for the test.  
  • Take a practice test. Taking a practice ACT test (PDF) allows you to familiarize yourself with the format and types of questions asked.  Schedule study time. Set aside small amounts of time for studying over an extended period. Schedule it on your calendar so you don’t lose sight of it between  homework assignments, extracurricular activities, and fun.  
  • Keep a positive attitude. Practice positive thinking. Imagine yourself sitting in the quiet test room and filling in correct answers. 
  • Know yourself and your abilities. Don’t stop progressing in your strong subjects, but be sure to spend time practicing your skills in areas where you can most improve. 
  • Consider using ACT test prep materials. ACT test prep materials can help you become more familiar with the test format, gain confidence and be ready on test days. Take a look at all of our test prep options to find free online practice tests, helpful study guides, interactive study tools, and more.  

Instructor Takeover: Preparing for the ACT

My Journey On-Demand Session

This session focuses on tips before and during the exam to help with studying and preparing for the exam, as well as how to combat anxiety that comes with standardized testing and tips to calm nerves.