ACT Information Manager

A program to help organize and present data from the ACT test, letting you access and analyze more than 265 data elements in each ACT student record.

Turn Data into Action

Looking at ACT scores alone is just the beginning. Let AIM ACT Information Manager help you turn data into actionable information.

Information You Can Act On

AIM is a database you can use to import ACT electronic records of students who have had scores sent to your college or university. The software can be used on a single computer or hosted on a server for multiple users.

A simple, intuitive interface enables you to view data on individual students or aggregate data on targeted groups of students.

To use AIM, your campus must receive ACT electronic records. 

New ACT Enroll Platform

The new postsecondary platform that integrates all of ACT’s Enrollment Management Services. ACT Enroll will include new features such as:

  • Interactive maps 
  • Ability to place future orders 
  • On-demand purchasing Enhanced export capabilities of names already purchased 
  • Expanded segments based on US Census data 
  • On-demand record availability 
  • Multiple data sources
  • Institutional accounts 
  • Consultant roles

In order to help prepare your institution for the new platform, you can now access the following files:


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