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ACT Tessera

The next generation solution for comprehensive, reliable Social and Emotional skill assessment.

To Current K-12 ACT Engage Customers:

We want to thank you for choosing ACT® Engage® as your Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) assessment this past year. As an ACT Engage customer you’ve demonstrated that you understand and value the importance of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) for academic and career success. We invite you to continue your work in advancing SEL education by adopting the next generation of SEL assessment ACT® Tessera™.

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and Why It's Important

SEL Skills Contribute to Lifelong Success

Ask any teacher or educational leader – student Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and the development of noncognitive skills and character strengths is critically important to success in school, and in life. 

Many studies find that these attributes contribute as much or more than academic skills to academic achievement, career success and lifelong well-being. 

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To move forward, you need to know where your students are now.

Ask any teacher or educational leader – student social and emotional learning (SEL) and the development of SEL skills and character strengths is critically important to success in school, and in life.

The research backing up this common sense viewpoint is unequivocal. In fact, many studies find that these attributes contribute as much or more than academic skills to academic achievement, career success and lifelong well-being.

In addition, there’s evidence that some SEL skills are easier to improve than cognitive ones, and that these improvements may last longer.

That’s pretty powerful. So it’s no wonder that educators, policymakers, and parents are eager to invest SEL skill and character strength development, especially as accountability metrics increasingly incorporate SEL factors.

To target effective interventions, it is essential to have a clear, accurate understanding of existing student skills and strengths. However, until now, growth in SEL programs has far outpaced reliable assessment options.

It’s time to redefine the status quo.

Comprehensive, reliable SEL skill and character strength assessment requires next-generation solutions. Current first-generation tools such as student surveys and self-report tools represent a valuable first step, but too many of them lack compelling scientific evidence for the measurement constructs, use flawed or limited measurement methodologies, are susceptible to faking or coaching, or are too narrow in terms of the scoring, reporting and guidance they seek to provide users.

Tessera takes SEL skill and character strength assessment to the next level:

  • Our all-in-one, multifaceted solution is based on the research-validated, widely adopted Big Five personality factor framework.
  • Our robust online assessment tool integrates three different methodologies to deliver reliable, valid results.
  • School leaders receive detailed reporting on aggregate and individual student performance, and each student receives a personal profile report. All reports are user-friendly for students, parents, teachers, and schools.
  • Our data and feedback provide valuable insights that support student self-knowledge, growth, and continuous improvement.
  • Tessera recommends resources and strategies to your students and school to address areas identified as requiring increased focus.
  • Your students have the opportunity to earn digital badges for demonstrating high proficiency in each SEL skill and character strength measured.

Measure, Evaluate, and Improve SEL Skills

ACT Tessera™ is a comprehensive next-generation assessment system designed to measure Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills. 

It provides assessments to help K-12 educators measure and evaluate 6-12th grade students’ SEL skills, determine their strengths and areas for improvement, and identify interventions to help them succeed.

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Can Students' SEL Skills Be Measured?

Access the documentation you need for all the details on the making, methodology, and management of our multifaceted SEL measurement tool and start planning your students' success.

ACT Tessera Measures Six Social and Emotional Learning Skills:

Students high in tenacity and grit tend to be: persistenteffortfulgoal-orientedmastery-oriented, those who exceed expectations, and pursue challenges.

Students high in organization and responsibility tend to be: attentive to detail, thorough, reliable, responsible, prepared, and consistent.

Students high in teamwork and cooperation tend to be: pleasantcooperativesensitive to othershelpful, easy to get along with, and caring.

Students high in composure and resilience tend to be: poisedflexiblerestrained, and good at dealing with stress, criticism, and setbacks.

Students high in leadership and communication tend to be: persuasiveassertive, cheerfulconfidentoptimistic, those who take charge and express themselves easily.

Students high in curiosity and ingenuity tend to be: creativeopen-mindedthoughtfulproblem solvers, those who are interested in different types of people and points of view.

Multidimensional and User-Friendly with Actionable Insights

More Than Self-Reporting

Our advanced trimodal assessment methodology yields more reliable, valid results than traditional self-reporting.

Easy to Use

Our online assessment tool is easy for schools and teachers to administer and requires no special or time-consuming prepping.

Actionable Feedback

Our reports are user-friendly for students, parents, teachers, and schools and include recommended resources and strategies to address areas requiring increased focus.

Assessment is Just the Beginning

ACT Tessera Delivers a Road Map for Continuous Improvement

The Teacher Playbook provides actionable approaches to teaching Social and Emotional Learning in the classroom.

Why Your Peers Are So Excited

Across the United States, innovative educational leaders are finding the comprehensive ACT Tessera system invaluable for measuring and nurturing the Social and Emotional Learning skills so critical to helping their students succeed in school – and in life.

Read the Research

A Rosetta Stone for Noncognitive Skills: Understanding, Assessing, and Enhancing Noncognitive Skills in Primary and Secondary Education

By Richard D. Roberts, Jonathan E. Martin, and Gabriel Olaru.

Presented in partnership with Asia Society. See why noncognitive skills are increasingly viewed as important and get the history of the Big 5 Factors.

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