College and Career Planning Resources

College Application Deadlines
Weighing the pros and cons of application deadlines.

College Considerations
Things to think about before choosing a college.

Your College Application
Crafting a resume that stands out from the crowd.

Create a College List
Sorting through all the options.


Your Support Network
Getting help from the right people.

Plan with Your School Counselor
Get a roadmap for your future.

Expand Your Social Skills
Becoming a well-rounded person.

Apply for Financial Aid
Five important steps you can follow.


Stay Ahead in High School
7 steps for building study habits and skills.

Financial Aid FAQs
How you CAN afford college.

Letters of Recommendation
Putting your best foot forward.

College Applications
How many should you complete?


Taking the ACT Your Junior Year
Advantages to testing during your junior year.

Classes to Take in High School
Stepping stones for college and career preparation.

Make Extracurriculars Count
It could have an impact on your ACT score.

Finding Your Path in Life
Valuable tips to help you discover your interests.


The Case for College
The financial benefits of attending college.

Paying for College: Federal Aid Programs
Take advantage of federal aid to attend college.

Go on a Virtual Campus Visit
Take advantage of the web to research potential schools.

Make the Most of Winter Break
Take advantage of your time away from school.

Get Your Name in the Game
Why you should opt-in to EOS.

Reasons to Retest
Should I take the ACT again?

Exploring College Alternatives
Consider all of your options.

How to Avoid Senioritis
Finishing senior year strong.

Practice Good Learning Habits
Routines to help you succeed.

6 Steps to Test Success
Achieving the score you want.