ACT's commitment to equity is finding new focus through an intentional commitment to Equity by Design. This emphasis will connect ACT's more than 60 years of success as a trusted assessment organization with an accelerated commitment to highlight and amplify diversity, inclusion, and justice in our efforts.

Insights and Priorities

ACT is committed to Equity by Design, which is critical as we work to address the systemic barriers to success for so many. This intentional focus includes:

  • a way of approaching education reform that puts the learner at the center of the policies and practices contributing to disparities in education achievement and abstains from blaming students and educators for those accumulated disparities;
  • a commitment to design solutions that honors the input from diverse stakeholders, meets the needs of all learners, and is achieved through collaboration where influence is distributed and shared; and
  • the practice of purposefully involving those being served as key players throughout a design process ensuring that diverse voices directly affect how the solution will address inequities and achieve the prescribed goal.

Equitable design acknowledges that equity doesn’t happen by chance, but with meaning and focus.

By embracing a comprehensive focus on Equity by Design, ACT is redoubling our efforts to be consistent, deliberate, and transparent in our commitment to serving all students well and making significant progress toward advancing opportunity and outcomes for all.


Living Our Values

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