Bringing Our North Star to Life

We exist to fight for fairness in education and create a world where everyone can discover and fulfill their potential.

Education has power - a power that changes lives forever. It creates opportunities that lift up individuals, their families, and sparks societal change that echoes through generations to come. From our grassroots we have fought the good fight for equity in education, and we remain devoted to helping anyone who struggles to access that power. This is what matters to us and we must do better - we’ve never been more sure of our purpose. Today, too many students, families and educators are battling to overcome systemic inequalities, such as discrimination and a lack of access to knowledge and resources. Coupled with increasing socio-economic uncertainty, those most in need continue to be held back by the widening of opportunity and equity gaps. Our true strength comes from sharing our expertise in research and analytics, and then partnering to learn, adapt and do what needs to be done. 

Our mission is to help people be successful in their education and careers. We believe more than ever before, education can deliver success on an unlimited scale. We care deeply about every learner’s journey, and we strive to ensure everyone is given the opportunity to fulfill their potential and become the heroes they know they can be. For budding minds, the thinkers and the doers, we reveal the answers they can’t find and widen their understanding of where learning can take them. By playing our part, everyone can discover and fulfill their potential.

As we develop integrated solutions, we empower educators and support learners at all stages of their journey. We help to create life changing opportunities and remove barriers that hold back too many people. These innovations in how we enable education will be the catalysts that transform generations to come. We are all in to create a world that values and encourages each individual’s abilities and potential, and a society that is more fair and equitable.