On-Demand Webinar Series: Driving Economic Growth with CTE and Workforce Policy Innovation 

Join fellow decision makers and expert panelists for this five-part webinar series to chart the course for a skilled, resilient workforce. 

Persistent talent shortages have put state and regional talent pipelines at the forefront of discussions about corporate site selection.

Join us to gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest career and technical education (CTE) and workforce development policy innovations, best practices, and strategies to drive economic growth and job creation.

Learn more about each of the webinars in this series:

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Webinar 1 - Prioritizing Talent in Economic Development 

Building a strong workforce development and career and technical education system is the new long-term strategy for keeping regions economically competitive. But what does it look like to build out a strong system? What kinds of credentials should you prioritize? Where to begin? This webinar brings together national experts to help answer these questions, and more. 



Dr. Alisha Hyslop
Senior Director of Public Policy
Association for Career and Technical Education

Michael Collins
Vice President
Center for Racial Economic Equity at Jobs for the Future

Kate Kreamer
Executive Director
Advance CTE

Jeanne Kitchens
Chief Technology Service Officer
Credential Engine

Webinar 2 - Synchronizing Perkins and Workforce Innovation and Opportunity ACT (WIOA)

States are now able to update their Perkins plans, and the reauthorization of both WIOA and Perkins are on the horizon. Now is the time to start thinking about how you can better integrate your CTE and workforce development systems to build a cohesive economic development engine. 

Congress and the Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (OCTAE) have been promoting a unified Perkins and WIOA state plan for decades, with few states participating. With Perkins state plans eligible for updates at the end of the school year, this webinar will educate legislators and policymakers about the benefits of unification. 



Dr. Alisha Hyslop
Senior Director of Public Policy
Association for Career and Technical Education

Jeran Culina
Business Leaders United at National Skills Council

Webinar 3 - Driving Economic Development with Workforce Data

Attracting potential employers to your district or state is harder than ever because of the persistent skills gap. It’s essential to prioritize building a strategic talent pipeline to incentivize companies to choose your region for their next factory. This webinar will show you how to get serious about using your workforce development system as an engine for economic growth.


Jaimie Francis
Vice President Policy & Programs
United States Chamber of Commerce Foundation

Jasen Jones
Director of Workforce Strategies and National Partnerships, ACT

Vincent Ginski
Director of Workforce Competitiveness
NC Chamber Foundation

Webinar 4 - Ensuring Equity in CTE and Workforce Development

Career and technical education (CTE) and workforce development have a long history of systemic inequality from race to learning ability. While the CTE and workforce development sector has made significant progress over the past two decades in dismantling structural barriers, progress could be lost without intentional action from policymakers. This webinar will address the importance of achieving racial, gender, and learning equity in CTE and workforce development systems and how data can ensure success for both individuals and communities. 



Brittany Brady
National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity

Angela Perry
Senior Advisor, Postsecondary and Workforce Pathways
Data Quality Campaign

David J. Hopkins
President and CEO
Urban League of Greater Hartford

Jacqueline Rodriguez
National Center for Learning Disabilities

Webinar 5 - Breaking Down Silos in Public Policy

Talent development and economic development policy must work together to sustain growth and promote sustainability.  Working together, policymakers can have a larger effect on the workforce development in their state. This webinar will teach talent and economic development policymakers how to communicate with one another to foster collaboration and alignment with workforce and education policy. 



Tom Keily
Senior Policy Analyst
Education Commission of the States

Julian L. Alssid
J. Alssid Associates

Ben Erwin
Senior Policy Analyst
Education Commission of the States