Mosaic by ACT Social Emotional Learning

New for Fall 2021 – from the ACT team you know and trust for quality SEL assessment!

Start the year strong! Announcing the Mosaic™ by ACT® SEL Screener. Check each student in grades 3-12 using a brief 5 to 7-minute SEL assessment up to four times a year to pinpoint strengths, opportunities for improvement, and overall school climate. 

Teachers and families know social emotional skills will prepare students for their futures. With ACT, you have an SEL solution that works.

Mosaic by ACT Social Emotional Learning

About SEL

SEL—an acronym for “Social Emotional Learning"—is a process for developing skills that underpin academic success. Specifically, SEL focuses on the identification and management of one’s emotions, goals, and mindsets.

CASEL, one of the most respected resources for SEL research and policy, describes SEL as “the process through which children and adults understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.”

SEL can help people in all aspects of their lives. For students, it frequently has a positive impact on their academics, too. In one study, SEL interventions that addressed CASEL’s core competencies increased students’ academic performance by 11 percentile points, when compared to students who did not participate in these programs.

We’ve Done Our Research—So You Can Rest Easy

When it comes to SEL, everyone’s research-backed. But we’re really research-backed. And with the most comprehensive SEL on the market, you’ll know that even during tough times, your teachers and students are in good hands.

What Makes Our Social Emotional Learning Program Different

Everything you need to make SEL work for you.


Adaptable assessment, curriculum, and Professional Development (PD)—all available through online or blended delivery and seamlessly integrated into your learning management system. Also includes English learner options for curriculum and PD.


Cultivate growth mindset and help students learn to manage anxiety and improve mental health. Help teachers support students through stressful times with engaging and meaningful resources.


Efficacy is our bread and butter, and our solutions have proven, tangible results. Our SEL resources will make a real and positive impact on your schools.


Show how your community is growing! Our enhanced reporting means you can easily demonstrate all your progress.


Backed by CASEL and the IMS Global Learning Consortium, our SEL resources are approved by some of the most important experts in the industry—organizations who know what works in SEL and in online delivery.

The Research Behind Our Program

Everything we do at ACT is backed by research. Here are a few resources that demonstrate why and how our SEL solutions work.

Turbo Leader Efficacy:
SEL in Middle School

ACT SEL resources are associated with increased growth mindset and self-efficacy in students. 


Using SEL as part of a multi-tiered support system to help middle schoolers stay resilient. 

Your SEL Stories

“Week after week, we see positive changes in the climate and culture of all of our middle schools, district-wide––all because our students and staff truly enjoy applying the SEL tools.”  

– Dr. Ilia Molina, Miami-Dade County Public Schools

“It’s led me to think more positive, and be more wise in my decisions.” 

– Anh, ELL student from Vietnam

“It’s helped me see other possibilities and solve problems better.”

– Nora, student at Hillside Middle School

“It’s amazing to me how many schools do an assessment of some kind, but then they don’t do anything with the data. Why waste your time and money if you’re not going to do something with it? I’m not doing any test unless I have some intervention to implement to go along with it. And so, this is a perfect pairing.”

–Jeff Allmon, guidance counselor, McPherson Middle School 

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ACT Holistic Framework

The Research and Philosophy behind Mosaic by ACT

The ACT Holistic Framework is based on 60 years of education and workforce research. This means that at ACT, we’ve long known academics are deeply important—and that they’re just one aspect of everything that prepares a learner for success.

We’re thrilled that Mosaic by ACT helps us put the principles behind the ACT Holistic Framework into action. Find out more about the ACT Holistic Framework and how it supports all our work at

Mawi Asgedom’s Learning Story

Some of our SEL resources were created by Mawi Asgedom, who has an impressive learning story of his own.

Asgedom fled Ethiopia as a child, spending three years in a refugee camp before being resettled in the US. Language barriers, financial struggles, and personal tragedy created obstacle after obstacle in his life. But with the help of a few mentors and some SEL training, Asgedom gained confidence and grew in both his academics and his sense of self. He eventually got a scholarship to Harvard University—where he gave the commencement address to an audience of 30,000 people at his own graduation.

To this day, Asgedom continues to believe in the power of SEL training to change learners’ lives, just as it changed his own.

Mawi Asgedom