Social Emotional Learning: Professional Development

Create a Culture of SEL

When educators are equipped with Mosaic by ACT SEL professional development (PD) curriculum, they gain common language and tools for employing SEL principles. Educators work together to create a positive school culture and climate.

Bring Social Emotional Learning Skills to Life

Our educator program includes tools, mental models, and frameworks that fit into any school, classroom type, or subject area. Through regular application, these tools enable educators to transform abstract SEL principles into practical actions that they can use every day. Mosaic by ACT Professional Development empowers teachers and administrators to become agents of change.

The Power to Change

A school’s culture and year-over-year academic growth begin with educators who are empowered with shared, tangible SEL tools that apply to all types of classes, situations, and settings.

  • An understanding of evidence-based SEL principles
  • The ability to leverage SEL tools when communicating with students

Meet English Learners Where They Are

ELL student success hinges on setting up appropriate conditions for learning. Well-prepared teachers and staff are key to making this happen.

  • Growth Mindset
  • Agency
  • Family & Culture
  • School Connections
  • Language Acquisition

Proven Tools to Support Success for All Learners






Powerful Educator

GRADE: Staff      LENGTH: 17 Lessons


Powerful Educator is a blended learning professional development course that equips educators with essential SEL competencies that build a positive school culture, drive academic success, and support student well- being. This course was created in partnership with Mindset Works, founded by world-renowned growth mindset researcher Dr. Carol Dweck. The course is convenient, flexible, and can be used in a professional learning community or structured professional development.


Powerful Educator: Trauma-Informed Social Emotional Learning

GRADE: Staff      LENGTH: 3 lessons plus booster activity


Social Emotional Learning course that helps educators to understand the impact of trauma on students and how to apply trauma-informed practices in their classroom and the school at-large.  Through concrete research-based strategies, educators learn how to build safe and supportive learning environments, develop trusting and impactful relationships with their students, and help students learn essential coping strategies needed for growth.


Empowering English Learners Leader Kit

GRADE: Staff     LENGTH: 1 or more segments, depending on needs


This kit centers around the book Empowering English Learners for Classroom Success by Mawi Asgedom and Johanna Even, EdD. An excellent tool for schools with active ELL communities, the kit expands on core concepts in social emotional learning for ELL students discussed in the book. Topics covered include growth mindset, healthy relationships at school and at home, and how to help students succeed in their language acquisition efforts. Convenient and flexible, this professional development can support a professional learning community or stand alone as a PD offering.

Kit contains: Presentations for running staff PD sessions, handouts, discussion prompts, agendas, and more.

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