2019-2020 ACT Scholarship Giveaway!

14 Students Received a $15,000 Scholarship & $5,000 Tech Package

Throughout the 2019-20 academic school year 14 lucky students were awarded a scholarship package and 7 of those scholarships were exclusively given to students who used or were eligible for an ACT fee waiver.

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Past Scholarship Award Winners

July 2020 Winner

"The $15,000 scholarship made a big impact on my family and me. Before I was told that I won the scholarship my family and I accepted that fact that we were going to ask for a loan to finish paying off the rest of this year.”

-Matthew, Class of 2020

July 2020 Winner

"The plans were always to go to college, but I wouldn't be able to unless I got a scholarship. This has truly opened up new doors for me and my family.”

-Will, Class of 2021

June 2020 Winner

"When I found out about the scholarship, I was happily surprised and speechless. It will help me achieve a brighter future and motivate me to achieve my goals and strive to be better.”

-Katerina, Class of 2021

June 2020 Winner

"My plans after high school are to enroll into college immediately and having a $15,000 scholarship only progresses that plan forward even more.”

-Khalil, Class of 2021

April 2020 Winner

"My plan after high school was to work and gain some money for college before the semester starts but since I got this $15,000 scholarship I don’t have to worry so much about my college tuition."

-Anthony, Class of 2021

April 2020 Winner

"My mom, dad, sister, and two brothers push me to strive for nothing but the best. Getting this scholarship just made me feel more successful about myself."

-Joseph, Class of 2020

February 2020 Winner

"After learning about the scholarship, I immediately felt excitement. I was literally speechless."

-Ayonna, Class of 2020

February 2020 Winner

"My family has taught me to always be kind and humble, then everything will come after that. I believe that hard work and determination goes a long way."

-Xzavier, Class of 2020

December 2019 Winner

"I like making videos and learning new things. Right now I am working on a documentary, but after I graduate, I'm planning to go to college and major in computer science."

-Amir, Class of 2020

December 2019 Winner

"I'm planning to go to college and pursue a career in chemical engineering. I have enjoyed the subject ever since my first chemistry class in 8th grade."

-Ashley, Class of 2020

October 2019 Winner

"This scholarship helped me set my mind straight. I can do it. I can go to college. I can get my dream job."

-Gavin, Class of 2020

October 2019 Winner

"I want to be a nurse practitioner which requires additional schooling, so this $15,000 scholarship will definitely help me reach my goals!"

-Ashley, Class of 2020

October 2019 Winner

“This scholarship obviously helps me out financially, but it also motivates me to continue working hard toward my goals after high school."

-Ben, Class of 2021

October 2019 Winner

“Receiving $15,000 for college helps me out a lot! Now I plan to attend a HBCU after I graduate high school."

-MaurNese, Class of 2021

July 2019 Winner

“I plan to attend the work release program to save for college.  I wish to attend a 4 year college and get a degree in

-Madaline, Class of 2020

June 2019 Winner

"After high school, I plan on going to college at either UW Madison, Howard University, or U of M. I want to become a pediatric nurse or a neonatologist."

-Shalia, Class of 2020

April 2019 Winner

"Success means being able to do what you like and being able to do it well."

-Ethan, Class of 2020