ACT State Organizations

Helping People Achieve Education and Workplace Success

2024 National ACT State Organizations Virtual Conference

Aug. 14-15, 2024

A virtual professional development event for education and workforce professionals, aiming to foster collaboration, share insights, and address challenges within the education and workforce landscape 

A Unique Network of Education and Workplace Professionals

Representing individuals from the earliest grades through careers, ACT State Organizations members include teachers, counselors, administrators, enrollment advisors, and business professionals. ACT State Organizations is represented in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, and includes:

  • Over 19,000+ members—and growing
  • 600+ actively engaged state council members who guide the work of each individual ACT state organization
  • 15 elected Steering Committee members who work to identify initiatives and ensure their alignment with the mission, goals, and objectives of ACT

ACT State Organizations provides opportunities for diverse groups of education and workplace professionals to connect, allowing ideas and issues to intersect as members learn from one another and unify in purpose. 

Benefits of State Organization Membership

ACT State Organizations members help shape the education and workforce landscape so that everyone can achieve education and workplace success. As a member, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Access to member-only webinars
  • Easy access to ACT Newsletters
  • Policy and advocacy support
  • Opportunities to serve on committees that provide direct feedback to ACT
  • Professional development opportunities 
  • Access to private Facebook Professional Learning Community Group

Membership is free and open to all who champion the ACT mission—Helping people achieve education and workplace success. For information on how to join your state organization, please follow the link below.

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Calendar of Events


August 14 & 15, 2024 2024 National ACT State Organizations Virtual Conference Online Register Now
June 10, 2024 Montana – From Insights to Action: ACT Test Data for Student and School Success Workshop Billings, MT Register Now
June 18, 2024 Utah – From Insights to Action: ACT Test Data for Student and School Success Workshop Granite Park Junior High – South Salt Lake Register Now
September 18, 2024 Nebraska – From Insights to Action: PreACT and ACT Test Data for Student and School Success Workshop ESU3 – La Vista, NE Register Now
October 8 & 9, 2024
Kansas and Missouri ACT Conference Kauffman Foundation Conference Center – Kansas City, MO Register Now
December 9 & 10, 2024
Arizona ACT Conference Arizona State University – Tempe, AZ Call for Proposal Open
December 10 & 11, 2024 Southeast ACT Summit Bryant Conference Center – Tuscaloosa, AL Call For Proposal Open
Coming Soon 2025 South Atlantic ACT Summit    
Coming Soon 2025 Ohio ACT Conference    
Coming Soon 2025 Oklahoma/Arkansas ACT Summit    
Coming Soon 2025 Wisconsin ACT Conference    

Our Team

500 ACT Drive
Iowa City, Iowa 52243-0168


A National Network

Creating intersections of ideas and issues crucial to education and workplace success.

ACT State Organizations works closely with grassroots volunteers across the country. 

  • Represented in all 50 states and the District of Columbia
  • With Directors who serve as the facilitator for council members and maintain a direct connection to ACT

State Organizations Directors

Tim Osborn

Bobby Rush

Debra FitzGerald

Steering Committee

Crystal Bishop, STEM Ed & NASA AEL Coordinator, West Virginia State University Castem and NASA AEL, Northeast, Postsecondary

Jordan Buxton, Business Development, Hutton, Midwest, Workforce

Charles Carabello, Associate Director for Admissions and Enrollment, University of Georgia, Southeast, Postsecondary 

Sebern Coleman, Director of Educator Preparation, University of Nevada-Las Vegas, Northwest, Postsecondary

Mike Fotenopulos, Academic Coach, Springdale Public Schools, Secondary, Southwest

Tammy Green, Executive Director of Community and Workforce Education, Metropolitan Community College-Fort Omaha, Midwest, Postsecondary

Morgan Horne, High School Data & Assessment Coordinator, Virginia Virtual Academy, Secondary Southeast

Angela Kalampalikis, Workforce Development Administrator, Community College System of New Hampshire, Northeast, Workforce

Darin Kelberlau, Executive Director of Assessment, Millard Public Schools, Midwest, K-12

Eileen Melody, 7th and 8th Grade School Counselor, Mansfield Middle School, Northeast, K-12

Patrick Millmore, School Counselor, Stargate Charter School, Northwest, K-12

Mark Petty, Director of Strategic Enrollment Communications, University of South Dakota-Vermillion, Midwest, Postsecondary

Bronwyn Robertson, Assistant Director, WIOA Compliance, Mississippi Community College Board, Southeast, Workforce

Wendy Rock, Assistant Professor, Southeastern Louisiana University, Southwest, Postsecondary

Sonja Wright-McMurray, Senior Associate Director of Career and Technical Education, Arkansas Department of Education Division of Career and Technical Education, Southwest, Workforce


Structure and Purpose



Building a community of educators and workforce professionals to help people achieve education and workplace success.



Eliminate the skills gap by connecting the outcomes of K-12 and postsecondary to career opportunities. 


Our Members

The more than 20,000 ACT State Organization members are, first and foremost, education and workforce professionals. Since membership in the organizations is completely voluntary, members are experts in their fields and champions for ACT. Members believe in the ACT mission of helping people achieve education and workplace success, and have the desire to help others act on this philosophy.


What We Do

Members work together to coordinate and participate in activities that advocate and advance the ACT mission. This includes providing feedback to ACT staff about ACT solutions, participating in ACT State Organizations conferences and workshops, and supporting state-specific initiatives.


How We Do This

ACT State Organizations members' expertise spans the kindergarten to career continuum, allowing members to connect with diverse groups within their states and across the country. From elementary teachers to secondary administrators to enrollment advisors to workforce professionals, stakeholders engage in dialogue and unify in purpose around college and career readiness issues. Passionate professionals can join their state's ACT council and meet monthly to guide direction for state-specific issues that affect their ACT State Organization.

We work closely with departments across ACT to provide members with the most updated news and information, including on the legislative front. Team members monitor federal and state legislation to ensure that proposed laws, policies, and regulations support success for all students instead of creating barriers. We regularly educate our members on these measures to keep them updated as informed stakeholders.


Steering Committee

The ACT State Organizations Steering Committee comprises 15 elected members who work to identify ACT State Organizations initiatives and ensure their alignment with the mission, goals, and objectives of ACT. The Steering Committee format enables ACT State Organizations to operate more efficiently and effectively through shared resources, streamlined communications, and standardized processes across state councils.


Once you join the ACT State Organization, you can request access to the private Facebook Professional Learning Community Group.