A standardized, nationally normed assessment program that helps postsecondary institutions assess, evaluate, and improve student learning.

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Improving Student Outcomes

An assessment program to help measure student readiness

ACT Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency (ACT CAAP) enables postsecondary institutions to assess, evaluate, and enhance student learning and general education program outcomes.

ACT CAAP helps you:

  • Establish benchmarks and monitor progress. ACT CAAP results are externally valid and can be compared over time and with those of similar institutions nationwide.
  • Decide whether students are adequately prepared for upper-division coursework or workplace success.
  • Determine group performance in general education subject areas with ACT CAAP scale scores and subscores. ACT CAAP Content Analysis Reports provide additional detail about how students are doing in specific content areas.
  • Document performance gain. ACT can link ACT CAAP scores back to ACT Compass® scores to document how students’ skill levels have grown while enrolled. ACT CAAP is also an approved assessment for the Voluntary System of Accountability (VSA).

ACT CAAP is a reliable, convenient, and customizable way to help postsecondary institutions improve learning outcomes for their students.


Start using ACT CAAP to improve student learning and general education outcomes at your institution.

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Features and Benefits

Improving student learning

ACT CAAP offers six independent test modules, available in the subject areas most commonly covered in postsecondary general education programs:

  • Reading
  • Science
  • Writing Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Mathematics
  • Writing Essay

You can select the test modules that most closely align with the goals and curricula of your general education program. The program provides:

  • Convenient Administration—Determine the test administration dates and proctor the tests, and ACT does the rest. Each test takes about 50 minutes and is designed for convenient in-class administration.
  • National User Norms—More than 250 institutions use ACT CAAP each year, providing norms tables with national comparative data. ACT CAAP norms are updated every fall using test scores from the past three years and are categorized by type of institution (two-year or four-year), year of students tested (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior), and institutional ownership (public, private).

Preparing to Take ACT CAAP

Resources to help students do their best on test day

ACT CAAP helps students assess their skills and find out how much they’ve learned in the areas of reading, writing skills, writing essay, mathematics, science, and critical thinking. View our tips and resources to help students do their best on test day.


Administering ACT CAAP

Instructions and resources

A collection of materials about using ACT CAAP, including planning guidelines, sampling suggestions, implementation procedures, and suggestions for interpreting and using your results.


ACT CAAP Reports and Administration Resources for Institutions

Tools you can use

Find out more about administering ACT CAAP and the variety of reporting services designed to help institutions maximize the use of ACT CAAP data.



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