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The ACT test will offer new options designed to give students more choices and more confidence. These new enhancements include:

  • Section retesting
  • Superscoring, and
  • Faster results with online testing!

Our recommendation? Take the ACT in April so you can take advantage of the new options available this fall.

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Take the ACT on April 4. Here’s Why.

Get ahead in the college admissions process.

Take the ACT in April and give yourself time to determine what your next steps should be without worrying about college application deadlines. This means having the time to improve your score by taking the full test again or utilize section retesting – a new option that will be available this September.  If you take it multiple times, you can average your best subject scores to find your superscore, making you a more competitive candidate when applying to colleges!

Get more scholarship money.

Getting a good score on the ACT can help you pay for college! Start working toward a score that will help you secure the funding you
need to succeed.

Send your score report to colleges for free.

Did you know that if you take the ACT, you can take advantage of the ACT Education Opportunity Service? EOS is a program that allows you to directly submit your scores to four colleges for free, which means they will have your results as soon as they’re available.

Find your benchmark score.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses, then use your results to make decisions about next semester and which classes you need to focus on most. Afterall, ACT test questions are based on what you’re learning in school.

You’re ready!

Come April, you’re well on your way to being through the majority of this year’s high school coursework. It’s a great time to get that first score with plenty of time to take the test again if you are a junior or sophomore.

Improve your score.

If more than half of students who retake the ACT increase their score, why wouldn't you? Improving your score by one point could be the reason you get accepted into your dream college.

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