WorkKeys Internet Version Quick Start Guides

Account Management Quick Start Guide (PDF)

Account Management is used to reset a disabled account, lock an account, and send a new password to an examinee. The term "account" refers to a person's access to WorkKeys Internet Version.

Adding Examinees to a Group during Account Creation (PDF)

This document contains information used by site administrators to add examinees to an existing group as their accounts are being created for WorkKeys Internet Version testing.

Adding Existing Examinees to a Group (PDF)

Site administrators can add existing examinees to a group.

Administering a Test to a Single Examinee (PDF)

Outlines creating an account and adding test registrations, authorizing a test, launching a test, and generating an instant score report. Use this document when an examinee wants to take one or more WorkKeys Internet Version tests.

Associate User (PDF)

This Quick Start Guide outlines how to associate (or add) a user from another site.

Authorizing an Assessment for a Group (PDF)

It is possible to authorize an entire group of examinees to take the same test. A group can be authorized up to 30 minutes before they launch the test.

Barcode Management (PDF)

Barcode Management (or the Barcode Manager Role) allows you to connect paper/pencil BATCH scored assessment results with the WorkKeys Internet Version (Validus) Reporting Portal. Batch refers to a group of answer documents sent to ACT for scoring.

Creating Accounts and Test Registrations Using Batch Load (PDF)

This document contains information used by site administrators to create WorkKeys Internet Version accounts and test registrations for multiple examinees using batch load.

Creating a Group (PDF)

To use the various group functions, you need to first create a group.

Export Examinee Quick Start Guide (PDF)

Administrators may wish to export examinee data to an external program. The Export Examinees feature will export data from the entire list of individuals registered in a realm who have been assigned the role of “Examinee.”

Group Registration for One or More Assessments (PDF)

Typically an examinee User ID and Password is created then tests and financial profiles are added one examinee at a time. However, it is also possible to register a group for tests and set the financial profiles for each test once for the entire group.

Launching an Interrupted Test (PDF)
If a test has been interrupted due to a power outage, etc., a Site Administrator or Proctor can reauthorize the same test and the examinee can launch the test again within one hour of the interruption.

Looking Up a Password (PDF)

When you look up a password, you can just view it or you can change it, if necessary.

Profile Management Quick Start Guide (PDF)

Profile Management can be used as a template for setting up and registering examinees for tests (e.g., registering an examinee for multiple tests with a single click).

Setting Extended Time (PDF)

This Quick Start Guide outlines how to set extended time for a registration. Extended time is used to help meet an accommodation need.

Setting the Financial Profiles for Self Registration (PDF)

Financial profiles management is used to assign the appropriate price for the assessment you wish to launch when the examinee has self registered.

Setting Up a Proctor or Site Administrator Account (PDF)

Site Administrators should follow this guide when creating user accounts for their proctors and/or additional site administrators.