A Letter from ACT CEO Janet Godwin

When ACT was founded in 1959, we had the bold goal of providing access to higher education for all students, including many who may not have had the opportunity or even considered earning a college degree.

As ACT navigates the evolving needs and expectations of learners alongside the continuing effects of the global pandemic, we are dedicated to making a positive impact for everyone in the education and workforce ecosystem.

Today, we are steadfast in our mission of helping people achieve education and workplace success. That means that as the world around us has changed, we must evolve. We need to work alongside other leaders, organizations, and stakeholders in education and workforce so that we truly can create a world where everyone can discover and fulfill their full potential. We need to help learners and workers whose journeys don’t include a college degree, as well as those whose do. For the future welders, architects, coders, or doctors, ACT is here to support you. ACT is here to help everyone chart their path to success in life.

ACT’s mission and purpose are what drives me - and it is a privilege to work alongside other leaders in education and workforce, as well as our ACT team members, during these times of great change. It is how we rise to address those changes, challenges, and opportunities that will create ways to make success a reality for all people.

Our mission and values lead us with a directional focus in three areas: journeys, equity, and people.

In our work, engaging across the education and workforce sectors with colleagues, collaborators, and learners, we know that education and training are critical to the fulfillment of our mission.We are activating learner journeys by building on our more than six decades of success in serving across the ecosystem. By combining the strengths of ACT and our colleagues at Encoura, we can go beyond test results to widen our reach and support.

Looking ahead, we will address critical education equity needs through our commitment to Equity by Design, an approach that centers the learner and includes diverse populations throughout our design process. We will leverage the incredible strength of ACT’s team members by creating a workforce and culture that is more representative of those we serve.

As CEO, I have had the unique opportunity to connect with learners and leaders in states, districts, schools, higher education institutions, advocacy organizations, and across the workforce sector to gain input, feedback, and direction. Your insights have informed how we are bringing this vision to life. By working in alignment – with you, our stakeholders – we will stay true to our mission and vision to help prepare more people to be successful in their education, careers, or wherever their journeys may take them.

Janet Godwin