ACT Academy

Personalized, free learning resources unique to student learning gaps, including test prep for the ACT.

Targeted Learning Where It's Needed Most

Maximize time spent on subjects and materials that align with an individual's learning needs.

For Students, Parents, and Educators

Get Your Best Possible
ACT Test Score

Use ACT Academy as Test Prep for the ACT

ACT® Academy™ provides prep based on results from the PreACT and ACT test with free video lessons, interactive practice questions, full-length practice tests, and games, based on your academic needs. Start using ACT Academy now!

Help Your Child Do Their
Very Best

Take an Active Role in Your Child's Learning

ACT Academy provides personalized, free resources unique to your child's learning gaps, and aligned to ACT College and Career Readiness standards.
Start using ACT Academy now!

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to the Next Level

A Learning Tool for Your Students

ACT Academy is standards aligned digital resource that allows teachers to seamlessly implement a personalized blended learning environment with robust reporting. Start using ACT Academy now!

How Educators Use ACT Academy

How Students Use ACT Academy

ACT Academy provides a personalized study plan based on previous scores from the ACT test, PreACT, Official ACT practice tests, and in-platform diagnostics.

What's Special About ACT Academy

  • Delivers resources through a collection of videos, games, and interactives from some of the best publishers online such as NASA, Crash Course, GeoGebra, PBS, and tens of thousands of others!
  • Accessible anytime/anywhere there is an internet connection
  • Separate but integrated portals for teachers, parents, and students
  • Robust reporting for educators
  • Both a full length ACT test option as well as ACT test sections