Career Technical Education (CTE) Programs

Learning career-specific skills in high school can give you the jump-start you need for pursuing various high-demand careers. 

What are Career Technical Education (CTE) programs?

Career Technical Education (CTE) programs combine academic skills and hands-on technical skills in a variety of high-demand careers to give you the jump start you need for a job search right out of high school or to build your career portfolio. While still in high school, you have the chance to experience a field you may be interested in, or learn the entry-level skills needed to be career ready.  


Benefits of Completing a CTE Program


1. Exploring your possibilities

CTE programs expose you to over 75 careers that are grouped into 16 different career clusters of careers that have similar skills and areas of interest. You can discover what you’re passionate about while gaining concrete knowledge about career opportunities ahead of you.  

2. Preparing for the real world

While CTE programs offer opportunities for hands-on skills in many careers, you will also learn valuable leadership skills like decision-making, teamwork, critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, time management, persistence, self-advocacy, interpersonal communications, professionalism, safety, project management, and more. Enhance that resumé beyond the technical skills! 

3. Learning with a boost

CTE programs are naturally engaging since you are gaining hands-on experiences with academics. You will also gain a network of mentors in your community through your classes and work experiences. What’s better than putting into practice what you’re learning?

4. Answering your career related questions

With exploration at top of mind for these programs, you can help answer the following questions for yourself: 

  1. What does a day in the life of this career look like? 
  2. Would I be outside or working at a desk all day? Or both?
  3. How much training/additional experience would I need to enter this career?
  4. What are the opportunities I can have by working in this career? 

Talk to your counselor about CTE programs available in your area or about Career and Technical Student Organizations at your school today!