Education Support for Learning Skilled Trades

Did you know scholarships aren’t just limited to providing funds for 4-year degrees? Many public and private organizations offer support for education and training for those interested in pursuing a career in the trades. Dig into the details below to find advice and resources for high school students getting started on their quest to find scholarship money to use for apprenticeships or vocational training and launching their career! 


  • Check with trade organizations: Many trade organizations offer scholarships or grants to students pursuing vocational training in their industry. Research trade organizations related to the field you're interested in and check their websites or contact them directly to see if they offer scholarships. is a great resource for finding scholarship opportunities from many sources for vocational training. 
  • Look for local scholarships: Check with local community organizations, foundations, and businesses to see if they offer scholarships for vocational training in the trades. Local scholarships may have less competition than national ones, increasing your chances of receiving an award. But it’s also worth looking at larger businesses in your community too, like this trade scholarship from the Home Depot Foundation, for instance.
  • Check with vocational/technical schools: Vocational schools may offer scholarships or financial aid to students who demonstrate financial need or academic excellence. Check with the vocational schools you're interested in to see if they offer scholarships and what the application process entails. 
  • Search scholarship databases: There are many online scholarship databases that allow you to search for scholarships based on your field of study, including vocational training in the trades. offers a large list of options for vocational training, or check out this list of support resources for education in the automotive trades from  
  • Look for employer-sponsored scholarships: Some employers in the trades may offer scholarships or tuition reimbursement programs to employees or their children who pursue vocational training, like the James R. Hoffa Scholarship Fund. Check with your parents or guardians to see if their employers offer any such programs. 

By taking advantage of these scholarship opportunities, high school students can obtain financial assistance to pursue vocational training in the trades, making it a more accessible and affordable option compared to traditional four-year college programs.