Make the Most of Your Winter Break

Take advantage of your time away from school. 


You've earned some time away from the classroom, but it doesn’t mean you have to press pause on productivity. In fact, it’s a great time to get ahead. Here are some ways you can make the most out of your time while you’re away from school.

Stay on top of things all year long with the:  

Get advice from family.

Everybody has a story. Take time to gather advice about college and career during dinners or other holiday festivities. Ask family members about their experiences. What do they do on a daily basis? Where did they attend college? How did they choose their career path?

Talk to friends in college.

College students are home for winter break, too. Take time to connect with friends that have already graduated high school. Where do they attend college? What surprised them most about the “real world?” What advice do they have for somebody still in high school?  

Set goals for the next semester.

‘Tis the season for New Year’s resolutions… and for setting goals for the spring semester. Make a list of things you hope to accomplish in the upcoming months. Maybe you want to achieve a certain score on the ACT test or reach a particular GPA? Perhaps you want to try out for a team or join a new club? Whatever your goals are, be sure to write them down and put them in a place where you will read them often.


The holiday season is full of opportunities to volunteer. Serve food at a local food pantry, gather goods for a nearby homeless shelter, or collect donations for various non-profits. You’ll be contributing to your community while gaining valuable insights about yourself and others.

Complete college applications. 

Seniors can finalize their college choices and complete applications in time for regular submission deadlines, most of which are due in January and February.  Use this time to ask family members or friends to review your essay before you press submit.

Take a practice test.

If you are preparing for an upcoming ACT, set aside a few hours to sit down and complete a practice test. Get familiar with the content and the types of questions asked on the test, so you can discover areas where you excel and uncover topics you should practice before taking the test.

Stay on track with ACT Academy.

ACT Academy is a free online learning tool that provides personalized resources, like helpful videos and educational games that allow you to stay on track in school or prep for the ACT. Challenge yourself to keep your brain engaged over break with ACT Academy.

Have fun.

Enjoy quality time with family and friends. Read a book or bake cookies. Spend time doing things you can’t always fit in during the school week.