Make the Most of Your Winter Break

Take advantage of your time off. 


You've earned some time away from school, but it doesn’t mean you have to press pause on productivity. In fact, it’s a great time to get ahead.

Stay on top of things all year long with the:  

Gather advice from friends and family.

Everybody has a story. Reach out to friends and relatives to gather advice about their experiences. Where did they attend college? How did they choose their career path? What surprised them most about life after high school? What words of wisdom do they have for you?

Complete college applications. 

Seniors can finalize their college choices and complete applications in time for regular submission deadlines, most of which are due in January and February.  Use this time to get feedback on your essay before you press submit.

Set goals for the next semester.

Make a list of things you hope to accomplish in the upcoming months. Maybe you want to achieve a certain score on the ACT test or reach a particular GPA? Whatever your goals are, be sure to write them down and put them in a place where you will read them often.

Take a practice test.

If you are preparing for an upcoming ACT, set aside a few hours to sit down and complete a practice test. Get familiar with the content and the types of questions asked on the test, so you can discover areas where you excel and uncover topics you should practice before taking the test.