Best Campus Study Spots

Where can you be the most productive?

The best advice for finding your favorite place to study is to know yourself and how you’re most productive. Do you enjoy background noise or complete silence? Do you like studying in groups or solo? Would you prefer to stay in a familiar space or focus on your notes in a new setting? 

Dorm Room: Studying at your dorm room desk is a convenient option. You have quick access to your class materials, books, and computer without having to collect and carry your belongings to a new spot. However, studying in your dorm room can be distracting. A chatty roommate, activity in the hall, or tempting TV show can easily throw off your plans for a productive afternoon. 

The Transition to College

Common Rooms or Lounges: Many resident halls have lounges or common rooms available for students. Utilizing these study areas is a good way to get away from dorm room distractions, without needing to pack your things and get too far from your room. 

Libraries: The perk of studying at the main library is that there are likely spaces carved out intentionally for studying purposes. There are often helpful people that are available to help you find the research resources, if needed. At large universities, there are even dedicated libraries within academic buildings, like law libraries, business libraries, and art libraries that have helpful resources specific to that area of study. 

Coffee Shops: Thrive on caffeine and background conversation? Consider spending some time studying at a coffee shop. Coffee shops are a great option if you’re looking for some time to study between classes but want to get away from campus. 

Campus Lawn/Outside: Fresh air on a beautiful day can inspire productivity. Finding a comfortable place in the shade might be the perfect place to get some reading done.  It may not offer the best Wi-Fi connection, but you may be able to pick it up close to a building or use a hot-spot from your phone.