Applying for Financial Aid

Five Important Steps to Follow

Don't let expense stand in the way of a college education.

Follow these five important steps:

  • Develop a financial aid calendar
  • Apply for financial aid when applying for admission
  • Submit required financial aid forms
  • Apply for scholarships and grants
  • Keep track of progress

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One hurdle most students inevitably face when considering education beyond high school is how to pay for college.

Five Important Steps to Follow

1. Develop a financial aid calendar—Deadlines vary, so if you put together a calendar of when applications are due and stick to it, you’ll be in a good position to apply for financial help. 

2. Apply for financial aid when applying for admission—Many colleges require both an application for admission and for financial aid before your financial aid eligibility can be determined. 

3. Submit required financial aid forms—File all forms for the colleges you’re considering, including the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Go to to fill out the form or request a paper version. 

4. Apply for scholarships and grants—Ask your counselor about state scholarships, grants, and loan programs. Also look for institutional, community, foundation, and corporation program funds.

5. Keep track of progress—Monitor the information you receive from colleges regarding fees and payment schedules, and include this information in your college planning.

Financial Aid FAQs

My Journey On-Demand Session

For most students and parents, calculating the cost of college is a primary and stressful factor in determining which school is the right school.

This session will help you gain the clarity to make confident decisions by learning about the financial aid process, including timelines and major action points, as well as how to find a wealth of information from the Federal Student Aid website.