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Find the Major that's Right for You

Explore college majors that fit your interests.

The Major Map organizes many popular majors into 13 groups.

The location of each major in a group is based on the interests of college students in that major. Take the Major Map tour to learn more.

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Then select a major to learn about topics of study, degrees, related occupations, and more.

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Find the Career that's Right for You

Like any map, the Career Map provides a sense of direction.

The map’s compass points are basic work tasks: working with data (facts, records), ideas (theories, insights), things (machines, materials), and people.

The map organizes hundreds of occupations into 26 Career Areas.

The map locates Career Areas according to their basic work tasks. A Career Map tour is also provided for more information.

Where are you on the map?

Complete inventories and see where your interests, abilities, and values place you on the map.