Finding Volunteer Opportunities

Grow personally and professionally through volunteering.

Volunteering helps you get involved, meet new people, learn about new industries, and give back to your community. Dedicating your time to an organization that interests you is also a great way to build your résumé. Start by identifying issues you feel strongly about, or ways to make an impact in your community or neighborhood. Then, look for opportunities that allow your skills to shine. Don’t forget to check with your friends and family—they may already be involved with a volunteer project that could use your help!  

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Non-Profit Charities
Whether you live in a big city or a small town, there is always a way to get involved. Think about your strengths and interests and the problems facing your community. Is there a foodbank in your community that could use extra hands? Maybe you have a soft spot for animals, see if there is a local animal shelter that has opportunities. If you’re a “people person,” volunteering to visit with the elderly at a senior center might be a good fit for you. Are you interested in pursuing a career in medicine? Look into the opportunities available at a local hospital.    

Local Events 
Don’t let a busy schedule discourage you from volunteering. If you don’t have time to regularly volunteer, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved for a limited time. Local events, like festivals, food drives, and 5ks, are often organized by non-profit groups to raise money for a good cause. See if you can help assist during the event. Tip: Need help getting in touch? Visit the organization’s website to see if they have a form you can fill out to volunteer. If that doesn’t work, look for an email address and send the coordinator a note.  

Help Remotely or with Low-Contact Interactions
There are plenty of organizations that you can support in unique ways. Consider canvassing or collecting signatures for a cause you care about. Maybe participating on a phone-bank is a good option for you. Virtual volunteering can come in many forms, be creative!  

Being Neighborly
Volunteering doesn’t have to be complicated. Offering support to somebody who needs a little extra help is easy—just ask a neighbor what you can do to make their life easier. Whether it’s mowing a lawn, cleaning a house, or walking a dog, agreeing to help somebody in need will help you grow, too. 

Volunteer Resources: Use the following resources to help you find the right volunteer opportunity near you.

An online platform that connects individuals who want to volunteer their time and skills with nonprofit organizations in need of volunteers. 

A nonprofit organization that works with partner agencies, nonprofits, and community organizations to identify critical needs and develop projects that address those needs. 

A nonprofit organization that aims to empower and mobilize young individuals to create positive change in their communities and world. 

A nonprofit organization that operates globally with a mission to provide safe and affordable housing for people in need.