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College Majors Map

Aligned to Your Interests, Abilities, and Values

The College Majors Map helps narrow down options that might be good options for you.
  • Organizes many popular majors into 13 groups. 
  • You can select a group to see the majors in that group, then select a major to learn about topics of study, degrees, related occupations, and more.
  • Color coded to reflect majors that align to your inventories answers.

Where are you on the map? Complete the interest inventory and see where your results place you on the map.

Your College Majors Snapshot

Drill down on your top college majors to get a better look!

The College Majors Snapshot provides everything you need to know about your top college majors, including:
  • An overview of the major, including topics of study
  • Related occupations within the major
  • College courses and suggested high school courses
  • Degree information and types of schools that offer this area of study
  • Realated majors

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The College Majors search in MyACT enables you to filter your search by:

  • Keywords
  • College majors area from the majors map
  • Search by desired occupation to find matching majors
  • Major group and cluster from majors map
  • Degree level

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