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ACT Aspire

The first computer-based longitudinal assessment system for college and career readiness.

ACT Aspire connects student progress from elementary grades through high school.

Six Good Reasons to Take ACT Aspire

  1. The only system of assessments directly connected to the most used college entrance exam, the ACT test
  2. The 1st longitudinal assessment to fully connect student performance with readiness benchmarks
  3. Accurately predicts students' future scores on the ACT
  4. Gives educators greater visibility into specific areas of academic risk
  5. Delivers evidence-based results
  6. Periodic asessments that lend to early interventions

Longitudinal Assessments

For better understanding student progress

  • Is linked to ACT College and Career Readiness Benchmarks and other sets of college and career readiness standards being used by states (including the Common Core State Standards)
  • Is administered through computer-based testing (CBT), with a paper-and-pencil optionMeasures readiness in five key areas: English, math, reading, science, and writing
  • Features online reporting that provides the tools and data educators need to measure growth and inform instruction
  • Offers paths to improvement, including student-specific enrichment activities
  • Includes supplemental measures not found collectively in any other assessment system, including a STEM score, an English/Language Arts score, data on text complexity, and Progress Toward Career Readiness
  • Predicts performance for early high school students on the ACT

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