About ACT Aspire

Periodic Assessments

Short-duration assessments designed to produce snapshots of learner achievement at intervals throughout the academic year. 

See ACT Aspire Periodic Assessments: Guiding Insights to Inform Instruction (PDF) for more on interim and classroom assessments.

Summative Assessments

A system of aligned summative assessments that can be implemented at a state, district or school level.

See ACT Aspire Summative Assessments: Measuring Student Progress and Potential (PDF) for more on summative assessments.

Getting Started

Students and counselors will each create their own accounts. Students can start by taking the inventories. Counselors and educators can start by connecting with students and/or creating groups. 

How to Order

We encourage you to learn more about the value of delivering the ACT test during the school day by completing our information request form. Upon completing the request, an ACT representative will reach out to you to discuss the program.


With both summative and periodic assessments available, ACT Aspire can be administered in a number of ways to meet the needs of your students. Special “bundled” pricing is available when the summative and periodic assessments are purchased together .For detailed pricing information and to discuss your testing plan with an ACT Account Manager, call 855.434.6010 or complete the form here.

Assessment Delivery

Two test windows are available for ACT Aspire summative testing each year: One window in the fall and one window in the spring.The ACT Aspire summative assessment is a computer-delivered test. However, it can be delivered via paper-and-pencil testing for an additional fee. The periodic assessments are CBT only. 


Careful effort ensures that reports connect teaching and learning in ways that are valuable to all levels of stakeholders. To that end, ACT Aspire reporting philosophy follows guiding principles, based on User-Centered Design.

Measuring Growth

For individual student history, ACT Aspire reports longitudinal growth and student growth percentiles (SGPs). Aggregate reports for schools, districts and states provide the ability for custom user-defined groups to allow for more flexibility in reporting.

Score Scale

Scores that describe students’ longitudinal growth in English, reading, mathematics and science. Each scale score is linked to college and career data through scores on the ACT assessment.

Standards & Benchmarks

ACT College and Career Readiness Standards help students understand the meaning of the scores earned in ACT Aspire and the ACT® college readiness assessment.


Performance Level Descriptors (PLDs)

Performance Level Descriptors outline the knowledge, skills, and practices that students performing at any given level achieve in each content area at each grade level.

Exemplar Items

Our solution incorporates multiple question types including constructed response, selected response, and technology-enhanced items to better assess student knowledge and provide more meaningful insights.


ACT Aspire assessments are appropriate for all students except for those with the most severe cognitive disabilities. These students require alternative assessments based on alternate achievement standards (AA/AAS) to meet their unique needs, as determined by states and local school districts.

Technical Requirements

These reflect minimum and recommended requirements; however, some customers slightly vary requirements for their specific organizations.

Training Resources

ACT Aspire strives to provide a world-class training program. We acknowledge that a high-quality training program directly impacts the success of a student’s testing experience. We are dedicated to providing convenient training options that can be accesses when and where they are needed.