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ACT Quality Core

Enhancing classroom instruction, improving ACT test performance, and preparing students for success throughout high school and beyond.

Building and Measuring Essential Knowledge and Skills 

Improving performance on the ACT and readiness for college and career

A student’s performance on the ACT is heavily influenced by their achievement in core high school courses. It’s also a predictor of how well positioned the student is to succeed after graduation. But how can educators both boost and assess their students’ achievement in the years leading up to the ACT—and align what they’re teaching to the skills students need? 

ACT QualityCore helps increase the rigor of curriculum, instruction, and assessment for 12 core high school courses. When students excel in ACT QualityCore courses, they demonstrate stronger academic growth throughout high school—and better scores on the ACT.

ACT QualityCore helps:

  • Improve student performance on the ACT and in core high school courses
  • Enhance instruction with resources teachers can use to add rigor to course content
  • Align assessment with the skills identified as essential to student success

By using ACT QualityCore to increase the quality and intensity of core courses, you help students improve their performance throughout high school and position themselves for success after it.

QualityCore Benefits for Students, Schools, and Districts

What schools and districts can accomplish

Decades of ACT research make it clear: it's not just the number of classes a student takes, but what happens in those classes that matters most. In partnership with the nation's leading educators, the ACT research and development teams designed ACT QualityCore to raise the quality and intensity of high school core courses.

With ACT QualityCore:

  • Students will be confident that, upon graduation from high school, they will be academically prepared for college or workplace training programs
  • Teachers will be armed with the resources, tools, and training they need to successfully reach and teach all students in their classrooms
  • Principals will be assured that what's being taught in the classroom is effective, targeted, and customized to meet students' needs for college and career readiness
  • Superintendents will be certain that the quality of instruction and the intensity of learning are consistent in each classroom and each school
  • States will realize the benefit of a well-educated citizenry

A Foundation of Research

Influence of Achievement in Core High School Courses on ACT Scores, a 2015 ACT research report, found that students who master courses enhanced by ACT QualityCore are likelier to demonstrate positive academic growth and higher test scores.