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Getting ready for the WorkKeys assessments


WorkKeys assessments vary in the kinds of skills they measure. Whether taking just one assessment or a series of them, targeted preparation helps individuals, educators, and test administrators know what to expect on test day. There are several ways to prepare and improve your scores.


Sample Questions

Explore free sample questions, available for each WorkKeys® skills assessment.

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The National Career Readiness Certificate Assessments:

Soft Skills Assessments:


Online Practice Test

Build your skills at your own pace.

Online Practice Tests are available for several of the WorkKeys Assessments. These tests look and feel like the actual online assessments.

There are free practice tests for the updated WorkKeys NCRC assessments that allow you to get familiar with the types of questions and the online test experience (including the accessibility tools). These tests will also provide a basic score summary upon completion.

System Requirements

  • Browser: Internet Explorer 8+; Firefox 24+; Testing Workstations and Administrator URL
  • Operating System: Windows 7+; MAC OS 10.x.x only with Firefox
  • Screen Resolution: 1024 X 768 minimum

Make sure you turn off pop-up blockers before you sign-in.

ACT WorkKeys Curriculum

ACT WorkKeys Curriculum helps you build the essential career-relevant skills needed for learning, personal development and effective job performance. It’s the only curriculum built from the ground up to align with the WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificate® assessments.

The courses are delivered via a personalized, mobile-based learning management system. The platform delivers a meaningful learnin experience and provides you with a customized study schedule and detailed instructional content.

Courses available:

  • Applied Math: Builds the ability to apply mathematic principles to problems encountered in the workplace
  • Graphic Literacy: Builds the ability to find, analyze and apply information presented in workplace graphics
  • Workplace Documents: Builds the ability to understand and apply written information presented in the workplace

Contact your local workforce development center or community college for more information and access to ACT WorkKeys Curriculum.


KeyTrain Curriculum

KeyTrain® helps you master the skills essential to success in the workplace. As a complete interactive training system, the courses:

  • Help you reach foundational career readiness
  • Enhance cognitive skills
  • Offer introductory models based on the National Career Clusters Framework


Available Keytrain Courses

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Locating Information
  • Reading for Information
  • Applied Technology–Electricity
  • Applied Technology–Mechanics
  • Applied Technology–Thermodynamics
  • Applied Technology–Fluids
  • Business Writing
  • Listening
  • Listening for Understanding
  • Observation
  • Teamwork
  • Workplace Observation
  • Writing

Career Ready 101

Career Ready 101 is a comprehensive program with an integrated approach to exploring careers and their skill requirements, as well as building workplace and life skills. The program includes all KeyTrain® modules listed and goes a step further by addressing life and employability skills and tools, such as:

  • Establishing career goals
  • Learning financial awareness
  • Knowing how to search for jobs
  • Exploring interest inventories
  • Searching job profiles
  • Creating a resume
  • Soft skills training including customer service, interpersonal and business communications, working in teams, problem-solving and critical thinking