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Why you should say "YES" to Educational Opportunty Service! (EOS)

3 Reasons to opt-in to EOS when you register for the ACT:
  1. Get discovered by colleges
  2. Find financial aid programs
  3. Broaden your college search

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3 Reasons to Opt-in to EOS

When registering for the ACT® test, you can choose to sign up for the ACT Educational Opportunity Service (EOS). EOS is a free service that provides testers with free information from colleges, financial aid, and scholarship agencies that offer educational and career programs. Participating in EOS is optional, but the majority of students chose to opt-in. In fact, more than two-thirds of students checked the box in 2018. 

Get discovered by colleges. 

Signing up for EOS connects students to colleges and scholarship agencies for recruitment for free. Eighty-four percent of EOS participants in a recent graduating class had their names selected by at least one college. Signing up can help you find paths to opportunities after high school. 

Find financial aid programs. 

EOS isn’t just about connecting with colleges. Groups that oversee scholarships and other forms of financial aid use it to connect with students. Signing up can provide new avenues to pay for college. 

Broaden your college search.

Signing up for EOS can help you find college opportunities all over the country. On average, students who enrolled in EOS were selected by more than 16 colleges.