How to Connect With Current College Students

One of the best ways to learn more about a college is to take the time to connect with a current student. 

Learning about the college experience from a peer’s perspective allows you to gather information you won’t get from other sources.

Here are some ways to reach out to current students:

The Transition to College

  1. Review Your Contact List
    Think about the people in your life who have recently graduated from high school, including friends, family members, neighbors, and classmates. What about former co-workers or teammates? Do your parents have friends with children that are your age? Ask around to see if any of these people attend a college you’re interested in attending. Shoot them a message to see if you can meet up for a cup of coffee to talk about their experience.

  2. Talk to Your School Counselor
    Don’t have anybody like that in your network? Ask your counselor if there are any recent graduates from your high school who go to colleges you’re interested in attending. See if your counselor can introduce you over email. If not, maybe you can find them on social media and send them a message. Learn more about preparing to meet with your counselor.

  3. Contact the Office of Admissions
    Reach out to the admissions office to see if they can connect you with a current student or student ambassador. Some schools have contact forms or email addresses that allow you to directly submit a message.


Sample Message

Need some help crafting your message?
Here’s an example message that you can modify and use:

Hi, Glinda!

My name is Dorothy and I am a junior at Toto High School. My Uncle Henry and Aunt Em mentioned that you are a student at Oz University. I am interested in attending OU and I would love to learn more about your college experience so far. We could meet for coffee or schedule a time chat over the phone. Feel free to email me at

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Go Lions!