Plan with Your School Counselor

Getting a Roadmap for Your Future

Meet with your counselor! They can help you map out your high school path and prepare for life after graduation.

Prior to meeting with your counselor, be ready to discuss your: 

  • Interests: Take the Interest Inventory to prepare and bring an idea of what your interests are. 
  • Goals: Are you thinking about college or certain careers? 
  • Past grades/classes: Talk about your current classes and what classes would help you in the future

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Your school counselor has useful information.

Request a time with the counselor and let them know the reason you want to meet. If your counselor doesn’t have time, ask for a recommendation for someone else you could speak with. Be honest! The more they know about you, the better they can help you.

Selecting Classes - Talk to your counselor about planning your required core courses and choosing electives that line up with your interests. Finding new and exciting classes to take is part of the fun of high school and can help you discover what you might want to do for a career in the future.

Participating in Extracurricular Activities - There’s more to high school than just class. Get involved by joining different sport teams, clubs, and/or after school programs. Participating in these activities look great on college applications, and they offer the opportunity to make new friends, develop team building skills, and find new interests and activities you enjoy. Merit-based financial aid programs in many states award students for achievement both in the classroom and on college entrance exams in the arts, athletics, and other areas of accomplishment, according to ACT Research.

Looking Forward - No matter where you are in your high school journey, you can ask your counselor to point you in the right direction based on your interests and ideas for what you’re considering after high school.

How to Conquer the College Admissions Process

My Journey On-Demand Session

Deciding where to go to college is supposed to be exciting and fun, yet for many it feels mostly complicated and overwhelming.

In this session, we discuss some common myths about the admissions process and what colleges are really looking for. We'll help simplify the process to help ensure your college search and application journey is a successful one.