Make Extracurricular Activities Count

Higher Involvement Can Result in Higher ACT Composite Scores

According to ACT research, involvement in high school activities is often associated with higher ACT Composite scores, regardless of a student’s GPA.

In addition, colleges appreciate hard work and want to attract students who have interests and strengths beyond the books. In some cases, you can earn money toward your college education for success in extracurricular activities. 

These activities can help you:

  • Build leadership skills 
  • Become a team player 
  • Nurture your creativity 
  • Expand your experiences 
  • Enhance your abilities 
  • Identify your strengths

Step by Step: Critical Milestones That Lead to College Planning Success

My Journey On-Demand Session

It’s no secret — college and career planning can be overwhelming. During this presentation, we’ll pull back the curtain and identify critical milestones that will help students and families plan for success.

The session will highlight 9th and 10th-grade college prep behaviors and break down time sensitive college application advice for 11th and 12th graders. Learn how a counselor helped students explore careers, jobs, and various types of colleges to help them arrive at a balanced college match list that met their needs.