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Podcast Premier Episode: Introducing Ready for Work

"We all have a stake in making our country more competitive. Closing the skills gap and driving economic growth starts at the grassroots level." - Jasen Jones


Welcome to the Ready for Work Podcast. Powered by ACT, Ready for Work brings you the best and brightest in workforce development and career education with trends, innovation, and actions you can take to help your region’s workforce reach its highest potential.  Now…let’s get Ready for Work!

We all have a stake in making our country more competitive. Closing the skills gap and driving economic growth starts at the grassroots level. We refer to this special introductory edition of Ready for Work as “Episode Zero” to help you get acquainted with the podcast.  I’m your host, Jasen Jones, with the Work Ready Communities team at ACT.  With our podcast debut, Ready for Work shines the spotlight on voices of excellence in the workforce ecosystem.   

What we mean by workforce ecosystem is a group of stakeholders coming together to include education, workforce development, economic development, community leaders, employers, and more – who each have a unique impact on economic development.  Think of the ecosystems necessary to sustain human life, such as clean air, food, and water; the workforce ecosystem brings the components together to optimize workforce supply and demand in a custom strategy to meet the needs of your region. If you’re an executive, administrator, planner, counselor, or leader for any of the workforce ecosystem partners, you’re in the right place. 

The Ready for Work podcast team is planning bimonthly episodes, where we’ll interview experts in the field, share the best from live events, and dive into best practices and our favorite resources. Check back to to find more information about our guests and links to everything we reference. Sign up for our newsletter to see everything ACT Workforce-related. Work Ready Communities can visit for data on your community.  

Throughout the year, we’ll cover topics that are essential to developing your local workforce such as skills-based hiring and stackable credentials, employer strategies, sector trends, and alignment of training – all of which are helpful for developing talent.  We’ll also explore strategies for targeted populations to reduce poverty and increase economic impact.  The podcast helps make sense of workforce data, the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act known as WIOA and workforce development along with economic development strategies that increase the competitive value of your workforce.   

Thanks for joining us on this journey with the Ready for Work podcast from ACT.  For more information on workforce solutions, visit or   

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Ready for Work Poscast Host, Jasen Jones

Jasen Jones

About Jasen Jones

Jasen Jones joined ACT as a vital member of the Work Ready Communities team in 2017. Prior to working with ACT, Jasen managed the award-winning Southwest Missouri Workforce Development Board.  His career also includes work with two local Chambers of Commerce and a seven-year stint in radio broadcasting.   

Jasen completed the U.S. Chamber Institute for Organization Management at Colorado College and the Economic Development Institute at the University of Oklahoma. The National Association of Workforce Development Professionals awarded Jasen the Thomas Ahlers System Building Award in 2015. Throughout his career, Jasen attained numerous state and national awards along with prominent case studies for the integration of workforce and economic development.