ACT Aspire Accessibility


ACT Aspire assessments are appropriate for all students except for those with the most severe cognitive disabilities. These students require alternative assessments based on alternate achievement standards (AA/AAS) to meet their unique needs, as determined by states and local school districts.

Accessibility Features

  • Conformance with the Accessible Portable Item Protocol (APIP) Standards
  • Audio supports, such as text-to-speech and verbal descriptions of graphics
  • Second-language supports, including Spanish translations of tests and support materials
  • Visual supports, such as various color contrast settings, screen magnification and line readers
  • Motor supports, such as navigational aids and (for some components) speech-to-text
  • Cognitive and engagement supports, such as answer masking
  • American Sign Language (ASL)Braille and tactile graphicsLarge type paper-and-pencil

Refer to the ACT Aspire Accessibility User Guide PDF for additional details.